What is Acetylcysteine

The groupPrescription drugs
CategoryMucolytic drugs (sputum thinners)
BenefitDilute phlegm and treat paracetamol poisoning
Used byAdults and children
Acetylcysteine ​​for pregnant and lactating womenCategory B: Animal studies have not demonstrated a risk to the fetus, but there are no controlled studies in pregnant women.

Acetylcysteine ​​is not known whether it can be absorbed into breast milk or not. If you are breastfeeding, do not use this medicine without consulting your doctor first.

Drug formEffervescent tablets, capsules, dry syrup, granules, injections, and inhalation solutions (inhaled)

Precautions Before Using Acetylcysteine

Acetylcysteine ​​must be used as prescribed by a doctor. The following are things you need to pay attention to before using acetylcysteine:

  • Do not use acetylcysteine ​​if you are allergic to this drug. Always tell your doctor about any allergies you have.