This is a safe and comfortable sleeping position for young pregnant women

Knowing the recommended sleeping position for young pregnant women can help pregnant women carry out their pregnancy safely and comfortably. Especially because when you are pregnant, your body will experience physical and hormonal changes that can trigger discomfort, including during sleep.

Getting a good night's sleep can be difficult when you're pregnant. The reason is, the usually comfortable sleeping position has now become less comfortable due to an enlarged stomach. But there is no need to worry, because there are several sleeping positions that can help pregnant women to sleep soundly.

Suggested Sleeping Position when Pregnant

Of the many sleeping positions that exist, there are at least two recommended sleeping positions during pregnancy:

Sleep sideways ( sleep on side / SOS)

Sleeping on your left side with your knees bent is one of the most comfortable sleeping positions for young pregnant women. Besides being comfortable, this position is also very good for pregnancy , because it can increase blood flow and nutrients to the fetus.

For a more comfortable sleeping position, you can put a pillow under your stomach, between your legs, and behind your back. This left side sleeping position is also very good for young pregnant women who experience shortness of breath and back pain .

Sleep half Sitting

Sleeping in a semi-sitting position is also enough to make mothers who are pregnant feel comfortable. This position can also relieve heartburn that often occurs during the first trimester of pregnancy .

Heartburn in pregnant women is generally triggered by the hormone progesterone, which causes the muscles between the stomach and esophagus to weaken. As a result, food and stomach acid in the stomach can return to the esophagus. For a more comfortable sitting sitting position, you can add a number of pillows under your back.

If the discomfort during sleep is caused by breast changes, pregnant women can work around this by using a special bra. For example, a special bra for pregnant women or a comfortable sports bra . In addition, expectant mothers can hug a large pillow to help protect sensitive breasts.

Sleeping Positions That Young Pregnant Women Need to Avoid

In addition to knowing the recommended sleeping position, pregnant women also need to understand the sleeping positions that need to be avoided, such as:

Sleep on your back

Sleeping on your back is a sleeping position that is not recommended for pregnant women. The reason is, over time the uterus will get bigger and can press the main blood vessels, thereby reducing the blood supply to the fetus.

Not only that, sleeping on your back during pregnancy can also cause several disorders, such as easy dizziness, muscle pain, and hemorrhoids . However, there is no need to worry, if you wake up in a sleeping state on your back. Changing positions during sleep is natural and difficult to avoid.

Sleeping on his stomach

In addition to sleeping on your back, sleeping on your stomach is also not recommended for pregnant women. In fact, young pregnant women are still allowed to sleep on their stomach.

However, this position should be avoided when the size of the stomach is getting bigger. Sleeping on your stomach with a big belly only makes you feel uncomfortable, as well as endangering pregnancy.

At the beginning of pregnancy, actually there has not been a significant physical change, so pregnant women can still sleep in various preferred positions. It's just that, when the size of the stomach is getting bigger, you should sleep on your side or half sitting and avoid the supine or prone position.

To get more information about the recommended sleeping position for young pregnant women, don't hesitate to consult a gynecologist .

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