5 Signs Your Child Has an Ambivert Personality

Ambivert personality makes a person have the characteristics of an introvert and an extrovert at the same time. Because this personality is indeed a combination of introvert and extrovert. An ambivert will enjoy his time in the midst of a social environment, but at the same time also needs time for himself.”

The ambivert personality may not be recognized by everyone, considering that so far the two most popular types of personality are introvert and extrovert. But keep in mind, there is one more type of personality called ambivert. In general, ambivert personality is a combination of introvert and extrovert personality.

In children, personality types will usually be reflected in the way they behave and how they interact in the social environment. Children who have an ambivert personality tend to look more flexible and able to deal with various situations. Besides that, what are the other signs that your little one has this personality type? Find out the answer in the following article!

Recognizing Ambivert Personality Traits

As said earlier, ambiverts are a combination of extroverts and introverts. Therefore, people with this personality will enjoy being in social situations, like people with extroverted personalities in general. However, on the other hand, children who have an ambivert personality also need time to themselves, just like an introvert.

1) Have a Mixed Personality

An introvert prefers to spend time for themselves, while extroverts tend to like to hang out and be in the middle of a social environment. Well, people with ambivert personalities have a combination of these two personalities. Your little one seems to enjoy the time they have social interactions and on the other hand, they also need time for themselves.

2) Good Listener and Communicator

Take a look, is your little one a good listener as well as a communicator? If so, it could be a sign of an ambivert personality. People with this personality generally know to put themselves in a position, when to be a listener and when to speak or express an opinion.

3) Easy to adapt

When doing social interactions or hanging out with friends, children who have an ambivert personality usually adjust more quickly. In other words, your little one can adapt to certain people or situations at hand. Because of this ability, an ambivert will usually be easier to accept in all places and situations.

4) High Sense of Empathy

An ambivert usually has a high sense of empathy, and it is naturally possessed. Therefore, people with this personality tend to be able to show sincerity and understand the feelings of those closest to them. This then makes many people want to ask for their opinion or just tell him.

5) Being a Balancer in Many Situations

When a group of children play, it is very possible for things to happen that can cause differences of opinion. Over time, it can affect and change the rhythm of the game. In the end, the differences that arise can make the atmosphere "not cool". Well, in situations like that an ambivert will usually be a good balancer. If the atmosphere has begun to change, for example, it becomes too quiet, the ambivert can break the silence and warm it back up. Another plus, ambiverts can be a balancer while maintaining comfort for people with introverted personalities.

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