Relationship of Dental and Gum Health with Heart Health

Do you know? Maintaining healthy teeth and gums can bring benefits not only for oral health, but also for heart health and overall body health .

Some health research shows that there is a close relationship between dental and gum health and overall body health. Disorders that occur in the teeth and gums are known to cause various more serious diseases , such as heart disease , diabetes, dementia , pregnancy disorders , and stroke.

From this study, revealed the fact that people who do not take care of their teeth and gums and have gum disease are at higher risk for various heart problems, such as heart disease and heart valve disorders.

However, until now further research is still needed to ascertain the link between dental and gum health and heart health.

How Do Gum Disorders Harm the Heart?

Although experts have not found a direct relationship between toothache and gum disease with heart health, there are several reasons why the two may be related.

One reason is inflammation, which is found in gingivitis (early stage of gum disease) and atherosclerosis (the process of narrowing the arteries). The inflammatory process that occurs in gum disease will also trigger blockage of blood vessels which in turn can affect the performance of the heart.

Gum pain is mainly caused by bacteria due to the buildup of plaque that initially looks harmless. However, in some people who are more susceptible, the body can overreact to the bacteria and cause inflammation.

This slow and long-term inflammatory process is thought to cause disturbances in the blood vessels of the heart and brain.

The second reason that underlies the possible link between toothache and gum disease with heart health is the similarity of the types of bacteria. The bacteria found in gum disease are also found in atherosclerotic blood vessels.

In general, there are 2 types of gum disease or disorders that are common, namely:

  • Gingivitis , which is inflammation of the gums characterized by painful, swollen, and red gums
  • Periodintitis , which is the formation of a pocket filled with pus near the root of the tooth due to a bacterial infection. This type of gum disorder is feared to be at risk of causing heart problems because bacteria from infected gums can move to the heart.

Therefore, maintaining healthy teeth and gums is important so that your body is always healthy, including avoiding the risk of heart disease. Here's how:

  • Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day, after breakfast and before going to bed, with a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste that contains toothpaste. Choose a toothpaste product that can provide maximum protection.
  • Do flossing teeth and use mouthwash to help remove food residue and dirt in the mouth after brushing teeth
  • Change your toothbrush at least every 3 months
  • Check your teeth and gums to the dentist regularly, at least every 6 months

Currently, there are still many people who are misguided by only brushing their teeth when bathing. You need to know that the right time to brush your teeth is 30 minutes after each meal and before going to bed.

This is because brushing your teeth at the right time is effective in preventing plaque buildup, reducing the growth of bacteria in the mouth, tooth decay, and the appearance of tartar and cavities.

Diligently brushing your teeth from now on, not only can reduce the risk of various diseases and improve overall body health, healthy teeth and gums that are well maintained can also make teeth stronger. So, come on, brush your teeth now!

In addition to keeping your teeth and gums clean, in order to reduce the risk of heart disease, it is also important to live a healthy lifestyle by quitting smoking, exercising, maintaining an ideal body weight, reducing alcohol consumption, and having regular heart check-ups.

If you have dental and gum problems, let alone a high risk of heart disease, immediately consult a dentist so that it can be treated properly and prevent more serious conditions.

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