WeTV Review Pros, Cons, And Alternatives In January 2023

WeTV Review

WeTV is the most popular online video streaming application today. With this software, netizens can watch all videos, both dramas, movies, and variety shows without having to pay for a subscription. All you need to do is download the application and install it on Android.

This application is reinforced with very advanced features. One of them is that there is a Category menu that contains a film genre or a table of contents for existing film titles. So if you want to watch Korean Drama movies, just search for the Drakor sub menu in the feature.

WeTV App Advantages

There are many advantages of the WeTV application that are sure to satisfy the user. One of them is that there is already a Subtitle feature that can be used as a means to display translated text slides in the film. So users don't have to hesitate to not understand the storyline even if the movie they watch is in Mandarin or English.

The next advantage is that there is a choice of video formats to choose from. If you want a clearer display, please choose HD movie format only. But make sure the device used has high specifications so that the film doesn't stutter.

How to Use the WeTV App – Love Sweet

If the user is interested in watching Korean Drama movies from the WeTV – Love Sweet application, the technique must be known first. Everything has been summarized in the list that can be seen below. So please try this technique:

1. Download the WeTV App

The first step is for you to download the WeTV application by typing the name of the app in the Google Play Store. If the icon is out, then just click it and then press the Download feature on the side. Please wait a moment usually the installation process runs automatically.

2. Register an Account

After the application is already on Android, please open it and start registering an account. It's easy, users just enter their cellphone number or register using social media accounts such as GMail and FB. Don't forget to fill in your identity before pressing the Register button at the bottom.

3. Start Searching for Drama

The third way to use the WeTV application is to start looking for a movie or drama to play. For this technique, please click the Category feature and then select the genre of the film that appears. Don't forget to choose a title that doesn't have VIP writing on it, because for that title the user must pay first before being able to watch it.

4. Watch Drama

The last way is that the user can already watch the selected movie or drama. If there is still no subtitle, please change it first by clicking on the Language feature at the top left of the screen. There are many language choices and the user just has to choose the language he understands. That way you can watch movies or dramas with subtitles on WeTV.

That's a quick review and how to use the famous WeTV app. So what are you waiting for, please download the application right now and if you want to subscribe, please contact the official developer. According to reports, weTV subscription fees are quite cheap, namely Rp. 15,000 per month. Please use the weTV app so you don't miss to watch the latest Movies or Dramas.


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