Turnitin Pros and Cons Review : Turnitin Alternatives In 2023

On their official website, turnitin.com states that their main mission is to ensure the integrity of global education and to meaningfully improve learning outcomes. Through this paper checking software program, Turnitin wants to increase the integrity between scientific writers or researchers through their customers who are universities or higher education institutions.

Commercially, Turnitin can index all papers in a university and compare them with papers from other universities which also index their writings through Turnitin. This is what makes Turnitin able to find irregularities, similarities, and paraphrases that might be taken without mentioning references in a written work.

According to the blog page of Queen Mary University of London it is stated that Turnitin generally functions as a web site-based plagiarism system used by various universities. The 4 main functions of Turnitin are as follows:

  • Act to prevent plagiarism in writing scientific/written papers
  • Provide reports that can help identify the occurrence of plagiarism
  • Provide students or researchers with several identifications related to plagiarism and writing points that need to be corrected so as not to allow plagiarism
  • Improving the quality of writing, scientific work, or academic writing in a higher education ecosystem

Even though it seems scary to students or researchers, Turnitin should not be made to limit the writing of scientific papers in search of references, but Turnitin is made to improve the quality of scientific work and the creativity of the students or researchers themselves. Turnitin is here so that students and researchers can still use relevant scientific references without taking them exactly the same or even forgetting to include the source of the reference.

The following are 4 tips that can be followed so that a written or scientific work can pass the Turnitin test,

1. Attach sources

Of course, in writing scientific and scientific papers, a writer or researcher must include or attach their complete reference sources without exception. If someone has correctly and thoroughly written this reference, it can be ensured that his writing will pass the Turnitin test.

Common plagiarism is someone's negligence in writing or attaching a source. This can be prevented by making footnotes for each phrase or sentence obtained from external reference sources. These footnotes will mark which parts of the work are taken from external sources and will need to be specifically listed in the bibliography.

2. Do not plagiarize

Plagiarism is stealing someone else's work and admitting it as one's own work or the act of quoting someone else's work without the permission of the original author. You can be sure that writing or scientific papers that are full of plagiarized sentences will not pass the Turnitin test.

Therefore, try to understand sources and references and then rewrite them creatively to support the findings or hypotheses of the scientific work you are about to write. Turnitin is software or a system that highly values ​​creativity, so if someone writes exactly the same as the reference source, it is certain that their writing will not pass the Turnitin test.

3. Avoid using legal documents

In some cases, the use of legal documents or legal provisions such as laws, presidential decrees, government regulations, and so on can result in a written or scientific paper not passing the Turnitin test. What's the article? Of course, because according to the rules for citing legal documents, the editorial cannot be changed.

The writing of legal documents is very standardized so that the words written in them cannot be copied with changes, even when the words used in a law are not standard. This led Turnitin to label a quote from a legal document as plagiarism.

Writers or researchers who use references to legal documents can provide exceptions to this if the source is very important. In addition, the author can also explain the rules of legal documents in a Paraphrase sentence without reducing its meaning.

4. Using paraphrasing techniques

The easiest way to make a written or scientific work pass the Turnitin test is to multiply paraphrases in writing sentences. Writing from reference sources using the paraphrasing technique is the unique nature of each author so that no plagiarism is exactly the same as what is written in the referenced reference source.

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