Prime Video Review Pros, Cons, And Alternatives In January 2023

On 2022, Amazon Prime Video is ranked No. 3 in our list of the Best On-Demand Streaming Services. The world's largest online retailer Amazon operates a video streaming division. With the launch of its video-downloading service Amazon Unbox in 2006, Amazon made its entrance into the video market. Like its rivals Netflix and Hulu, which it debuted as a distinct service in 2011, Amazon Prime Video also produces its own original content in addition to providing movies and TV shows from a variety of other sources.

Amazon Prime membership comes with access to Amazon Prime Video as well as other benefits like speedier shipping and use of Amazon's music streaming service for a normal monthly cost. Amazon estimated that there were more than 200 million Prime members worldwide as of 2021. If you don't currently subscribe to Amazon Prime, you may still sign up for Amazon Prime Video as a stand-alone service or pay per title to buy or rent video.

A solo subscription to Amazon Prime Video costs $8.99 per month and provides ad-free access to Amazon's streaming collection. Users can stream on up to three screens at once with a single subscription, but only two displays can stream the same episode or movie at once.

This $8.99 monthly cost is in the center of the pack compared to rivals like Netflix and HBO Max, which start at $9.99, and Disney+ and Hulu, which start at a few cents less. Remember that this $8.99 price is exclusively for Prime Video access. Fast shipping on your Amazon goods and a number of other benefits are available to those who sign up for Amazon Prime, which includes Prime Video, for $14.99 per month or $139 per year.

What more packages does Amazon Prime Video provide?

You can join Amazon Prime for $14.99 per month (or $139 per year to save $40) in addition to the $8.99 per month membership, which solely offers Amazon Prime Video. Despite not providing access to any extra video content, this has benefits like access to Amazon Music Prime and Whole Foods savings. There is also a subscription option to view live NFL games, and subscribers can pay monthly fees to access live and on-demand streaming content from premium networks like Starz and Showtime. Depending on the channel, prices range from $5 to $15 more per month. Additionally, Amazon offers a service called Freevee that enables you to watch some Prime Video content for free with advertisements. However, the selection of content is sometimes fairly small, especially when it comes to popular TV shows and films. On a title-by-title basis, non-Prime members can also buy or rent certain video titles.

Exists a Free Trial for Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon offers a free 30-day trial of their Prime subscription service, which gives users access to Prime Video (plus all the other Prime member perks, like fast delivery on Amazon purchases). The trial is available to anyone who hasn't been a Prime member in the past year. Remember: At the conclusion of the trial period, your Prime subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel it.

Disney+ vs. Amazon Prime Video

In our ranking of the Top On-Demand Streaming Services for 2022, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ are tied for third place, and choosing between them may come down to personal preference. Disney+ is a great choice for families because it features content from Marvel, Pixar, and, of course, Disney. These big-name, sentimental or hero movies and TV shows appeal to both parents and children.

Disney+ is also slightly less expensive, starting at $7.99 per month, but subscribers who want to stay at that price will have to endure commercials starting in December 2022. Unless you're okay with commercials, Amazon may be better in this case. Amazon, on the other hand, has some kid-friendly programming as well, but overall it offers a wider variety of genres and films as well as more titles, which is good for picky viewers. The benefits you'll receive from an Amazon Prime membership ($14.99 per month, including access to Prime Video) are also a big draw if you enjoy books and music or are a frequent online shopper.

In the end, many users might opt to pay for all three streaming services — Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu — in order to take advantage of everything that each one has to offer. And, to be honest, we don't blame them. This article was written by EDUKASI CAMPUS.


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