Moz Review Pros, Cons, And Alternatives In January 2023

Since the 1989 release of the film Field of Dreams, people have enjoyed quoting its most well-known statement, "If you build it, they will come," as a type of motivation to act. In the film, a farmer is persuaded by the ghost of a long-dead baseball player to clear a significant portion of his cornfield—his main source of income—in order to establish a baseball field where the baseball player's long-dead colleagues might gather to play the game they both loved. Without any advertising, tens of thousands of people turn up to watch baseball, jamming the roads with their cars for miles.

Even though the film is stunning and uplifting, it is pure illusion. If the talking dead baseball players hadn't made that obvious, the financial success of a project that practically no one knew ever existed ought to have proved it. No, in the actual world, even websites, people don't just appear because you developed them. Particularly websites, as there is no foot traffic online. Make sure customers know where to go and how to get there if you want increased traffic to your e-commerce site.

And if you lack expertise in the field? The software equivalent of a growth hacking consultant, Moz Pro, will then walk you through making adjustments to your website that will improve its SEO and draw more visitors to your internet presence. Moz was first established as a blog and online community in 2004 by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig with the goal of understanding, defining, and influencing the field of search engine optimization. Fishkin and Muessig were able to turn their expertise and solid reputation in the neighborhood into a prosperous consultancy.

They immediately realized that much of what they did could be accomplished by software, as with any type of systematic technique. Following a fundraising round in 2007, SEOMoz quickly rose to prominence among marketers as the go-to SEO tool. SEOMoz changed over the course of the subsequent years. Their focus shifted as they moved from SEO to a comprehensive inbound marketing suite, becoming less... well, focused. With this, SEOMoz changed its name to simply Moz, and their software was renamed Moz Analytics, with the intention of creating a platform for managing campaign-based marketing.

Although it went well, it didn't produce the growth they had hoped for (to say nothing of the growth needed to justify the expense of this expansion). Moz said that their greatest efforts had not yielded the kind of success they were expecting for and that they will scale back to being just a superb SEO tool, which is a very uncommon instance of a company acknowledging its flaws. It turned out to be a wise decision to double down on their area of expertise. Five years after the company's full circle return to SEO, email marketing firm iContact, which aims to provide a wider range of products and services, purchased it. With no need to compromise on what it does best, the program is now a component of a bigger toolkit.


Moz is remains a standalone product with its own pricing despite the acquisition. Whatever strategies iContact has in place to include Moz into its own ecosystem have not yet materialized or have been made public. Tracking is carried out for each "campaign," which may not necessarily be a particular marketing campaign. Instead, you can track one of your own websites and three rival websites for each campaign you develop.

Depending on how much tracking, crawling, and investigation you need to conduct, there are four different plans offered. You receive a 20% discount for any of these plans when you pay one year in advance.

  • Standard: $99/month; 1 user is allowed to run 3 campaigns, obtain rankings for up to 300 keywords, have Moz automatically crawl up to 100k sites per week, and conduct up to 5 on-demand crawls per month. These restrictions apply to the research functions that are available: 200 rank checker queries per day; 150 keyword queries per month; 10k rows per query; 5 keyword lists; 100 keyword lists; 5k backlink inquiries per month; 10k rows per query; 1 link tracking list; 100 link lists; reports from the On-Page Grader and other scheduled reports are infinite.
  • 2 users; 10 campaigns; 1,500 keyword rankings; medium, $179 per month; 30 on-demand crawls of 500k pages; 30k records per query and 5k keyword searches; 30 keyword lists, each with 500 keywords; 20k backlink searches every month, each with 40k rows; 200 rank checker queries every day, 30 link tracking lists with 500 links each, no limits on On-Page Grader reports, unlimited scheduled reports, branded reports, and report templates
  • hefty, $299 per month for 3 users; 500 Rank Checker queries per day; unlimited reporting as above; 25 campaigns, 3k keyword rankings; 1.25 million pages crawled; 60 on-demand crawls; 15k keyword queries, 50k rows; 60 keyword lists, 750 keywords per list; 70k backlink queries, 50k rows/query; 60 link tracking lists, 750 links per list;
  • Premium — 5 users; $599 per month; 100 on-demand crawls; 50 campaigns; 4.5k keyword ranks; 2 million pages crawled; 800 rank checker queries; limitless reporting as above; 30k keyword queries; 100k rows; 10 keyword lists; 100 keywords per list; 100k backlink queries; 75k rows per query; 100 link tracking lists; 1k links per list.

The Specifics

The least exciting aspect of creating and expanding an e-commerce website is optimizing it for search engines. Due to the fierce battle for rankings, it's also the most crucial. You've definitely been doing this for a while if you scowled at the phrase "optimizing your site for search engines" because the word "engines" is a plural noun. Google is meant when we refer to "search engines." It wouldn't be insane to assume that Google fudges the figure down to avoid antitrust charges despite holding 80% of the search market. What exactly is a Bing?

Therefore, the fact that Moz Pro includes SEO tools for Bing and Yahoo can be interpreted as evidence that the platform's creators went above and beyond to make it as comprehensive as possible. There are many more indications of this truth after you log up, build a campaign, and then start exploring. If Moz Pro didn't also include a To-Do list for getting started, it would be difficult to know where to begin with the navigation menu's abundance of options and suboptions. Connecting with an expert for a free onboarding session comes in first place on that list, followed by topics like "Check your keyword rankings" and "Audit your site for SEO concerns."

Since keyword ranking is the foundation of search, it is unquestionably a wonderful place to start. You must decide which keywords you want to optimize your pages for before you can begin doing so. If you offer pet supplies, for instance, you should probably enter "pet supplies" in the analysis tool to obtain some important data, such as the keyword's search volume, the difficulty of ranking for it, and an analysis of the search engine's results page for Google. By doing this, you'll be able to discover who your competitors are on the results page, determine the best keywords for you to rank for, and get suggestions for others.

You can begin optimizing your website page by page after determining your best keyword approach. Naturally, your homepage should be your starting point. By directing Moz Pro to it and the keyword you're attempting to optimize for, the software will provide you with an optimization score that will indicate how well (or poorly) you did. You can then drill down to see what is assisting you and what is hindering you. Additionally, you'll receive straightforward instructions on how to fix problems as they arise. Have you overused that keyword on your page? When you do that, Moz Pro will notify you, explain why it hurts you, and then suggest a fix. Additionally, it will suggest additional keywords that could improve your position.

Every tool in Moz Pro operates in the same way: you provide it with a piece of information to evaluate, and it responds to you in a matter of seconds with an analysis of where your problems are, justifications for why they are problems, and recommendations for how to fix them. You'll receive more information about your shop's SEO when you hire Moz Pro to perform a site-wide crawl. Are there any 404 errors on your website? The URL may be too long. Are there any "noindex" meta tags on pages that ought to be indexed? A site's ranking is influenced by a variety of factors, and Moz Pro is much more knowledgeable about these aspects than you are. After diagnosing pages, it also conducts a kind of triage, isolating serious problems from minor cautions and allowing you to organize your time and efforts in accordance with the results.


There isn't really any need to integrate any other components of your tech stack with Moz Pro since it is a stand-alone solution. Having said that, you can use their Links API to create custom tools (or hire a developer to do so).

You may view various metrics immediately from a search results page thanks to the MozBar Chrome addon. Your search results will contain details about Domain Authority, Page Authority, backlinks, and other page components if MozBar is turned on. It costs nothing to use this extension if you don't have a Moz account. However, this will enable some premium capabilities for MozBar if you are a Moz Pro user. This provides you with the keyword difficulty and optimization ideas right on the page, in addition to presenting more metrics than the free version.


The goal of Moz Pro is to improve the search ranking of any form of website; it is not primarily a tool for e-commerce websites. Of course, since an online store is a website, SEO is equally crucial. Moz Pro's tools are the result of 15 years of research and development. You might claim that Moz is the Domain and Page Authority Authority because it is one of the oldest and most reputable brands in SEO. This is essential software for any website owner, and it's absolutely necessary for e-commerce. What they cannot find, people cannot purchase.


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