How To Use Codecademy Premium In December 2022 [Account 100% Working]

Let's first take a quick look at Codecademy as a business. Knowing a few important details about the website and the individuals who run it can help you decide if it's the best platform for you. An online learning platform called Codecademy was established in 2011. The New York-based business specializes in tech-related subjects, particularly coding.

Although you can begin studying for free, a premium Codecademy Pro plan unlocks additional information, projects that are ready for your portfolio, and certifications. You can take courses at your own pace from Codecademy in 14 different programming languages. You may become proficient in well-known languages like Python or JavaScript, both of which are in high demand on the job market.

Pros and drawbacks of Codecademy (Quick summary)

The benefits and drawbacks of learning on Codecademy are briefly summarized as follows:

advantages of Codecademy

  • several free courses
  • No need to install and configure software on your computer because it is browser-based and quick to launch
  • Practical instruction allows you to write code right away and learn by doing rather than by watching videos.
  • inexpensive compared to other paid platforms and courses is pro membership
  • Finding your skills and the recommended courses that best suit you can be done with this sorting questionnaire for beginners.

Issues with Codecademy

  • No in-depth course search with filters
  • Free resources are shallow
  • Pricing is subscription-based and only available online (no lifetime access)

Quality of content on Codecademy

Find a course with top-notch information if you are serious about learning to code. You want information that is simple enough for you to grasp but challenging enough to keep you interested, especially if you are new to technology.

When it comes to providing its students with current course material, Codecademy excels. But not everything is accessible for free. You can find many free courses for some languages, while just a small amount of free content is available for others. For instance, Python 2 can be learned for free, but Python 3 can only be learned by Pro members.

We now have to ask, "Is Codecademy Pro worth it?" Next, let's examine pricing.

Codecademy costs

There are two pricing tiers for the subscription-based platform Codecademy:

The Basic package is totally free. You can quickly sign up and have access to engaging introductory sessions. There are two ways to pay for Codecademy Pro subscriptions:

  • when paid monthly, $39.99 a month
  • Annual payment of $239.88 is $19.99 per month, saving you $240 in comparison to a 12-month period with a monthly billing cycle.

Students: If you are enrolled in school, you may qualify for a 35% discount on Pro programs.

How much is Codecademy Pro worth?

You might be unsure of the precise distinction between the free and premium options. Although the free courses are a fantastic method to learn the fundamentals, they are very shallow.

Additionally, they don't truly demonstrate how to apply what you learn to your own original coding projects. So even after taking a dozen courses, you might still be at a loss for what to do next.

With the Pro membership, you can get more involved.

Before purchasing a Codecademy Pro plan, you should take the following factors into account:

The Pro plans do more than merely open up "additional" tutorials and content. The opportunities to put your abilities to use on useful, real-world initiatives are where the genuine value lies. As a result, you will discover how to produce something worthwhile. You may create projects with Pro that you can immediately add to your developer portfolio. As a result, when you start applying for jobs, you will be able to present prospective employers real-world work samples.

You can select a specific objective and master the required skills one at a time with the help of the carefully chosen Career Paths and Skill Paths. At all times, you will be fully aware of your future steps. This is a huge benefit for training oneself the abilities that are most important for your desired job. I advise starting with the free resources if you are new to coding. Learn the fundamentals of coding and the possibilities for your creations.

Consider investing in paid resources if you want to start a career in technology and are driven to learn more. Typically, they provide a better overall learning environment. You receive carefully chosen information, more practical projects that are ready for your portfolio, and greater assistance.

Try out Codecademy Pro at the very least to see how you like it. You can give it a seven-day trial for free before deciding whether to upgrade.

Are you a good fit for Codecademy?

You want to learn technical skills, but are unsure if Codecademy is the ideal place for you to do so. People who are ideal candidates for using the platform to learn new skills include those in the following list:

  • beginning users - If you are completely new to technology, Codecademy can teach you everything for nothing.
  • Anyone with some prior coding experience Individuals who learn better through hands-on activities rather than tutorial videos
  • individuals who choose to study individually and at their own speed
  • Anyone who need a well-organized learning route
  • You truly don't have anything to lose because you can begin learning for nothing.

If you are new to programming, you might wish to compare Codecademy to alternative platforms before choosing one.

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