How To Use Pluralsight Premium In November 2022 [100% Working]

Pluralsight is a company based in Utah, USA that specializes in providing various online computer learning courses for users from all over the world. This is quite common, isn't it?

Well, the first thing that makes Pluralsight stand out from other competitors is the age of the company itself – this e-learning platform has been around since 2004! The fact that this company was able to operate for that long (and remains relevant today) certainly tells us about their vision and work ethic.

Ease of Use

One of the factors that determine a trusted site is how easy the platform is to use and navigate. This becomes even more important when we talk about online learning platforms – people usually come to these platforms with their own specific needs and wants, and they want to fulfill those needs and wants as quickly as possible.

No one will be interested if the course page is buried under five layers of pop-ups, or if the search bar is hard to find. Let's start this Pluralsight review by looking directly at this computer learning site and trying to determine if this aspect of it is easy and convenient to use.

Content Quality

If you are interested in finding the ideal online learning platform, surely quality content will be at the top of your search criteria. That's how it should be! If you intend to spend time and money on a particular course, you'll want to make sure the quality of the content is the main focus of the company – quality should be the main driving force behind a learning platform.

The various courses on the platform themselves are designed for anyone regardless of their level of knowledge. So, if you want to start from scratch with basic computer learning material, you can do that. Likewise if you are looking for more difficult material.

If you look online, most of Pluralsight's reviews are positive. It seems that this company is not only good at promotion but also able to keep the promises of the promotion.

Students say that the online computer learning courses are very informative, interesting, and have a high standard of quality. It's really hard to find a complaint considering that most reviews focus on the price aspect, and not the content.

Special Features

Just by taking a quick look at Pluralsight's various features on this platform, you can understand that the company knows very well how important it is to create unique and memorable features. Fun and unique features can certainly keep students interested and attract new audiences at the same time. So, let's analyze the main features provided by this site.

First of all, Pluralsight has what is called “Role IQ” and “Skill IQ”. Both are tests that you can take to better understand your abilities and knowledge regarding a topic, and what can be improved to achieve expertise in that area.

The company itself emphasizes that this test is not for testing purposes – you don't have to guess and you should answer honestly. This is certainly an interesting feature because it is interactive and can help students decide what to study next.

We may often experience problems when determining the right study plan because we do not know the level of mastery of the material we have. This Role and Skill IQ feature can help us get a more measurable and objective self-image.


Price is a very important aspect of an online education platform. If they “set it right”, then everyone will benefit – consumers will be happy, and the company will benefit (an example of this scenario you can see on the DataCamp platform).

Unfortunately, often the prices set are far beyond expectations, which leads to various negative reviews and comments. With that said, let's move on to the next step in this Pluralsight review and take a look at the pricing plans this one platform provides.

For independent learners, Pluralsight provides three different pricing options – monthly ($29 USD per month), annual ($299 USD per year) and premium. Both monthly and annual plans have the same features and benefits – the only difference is that if you choose the annual plan, you can save 14% of the total that you have to pay if you choose the monthly plan.

With a subscription, you can access the entire list of courses, study plans, skill and role IQs, mobile and TV applications, offline access, and much more. The premium plan, priced at $499 USD per year, provides three additional features – certification practice exams, interactive projects and courses.

The only *free* option on Pluralsight is a 10 day trial period. Yes, it can be said that this platform also provides a free online learning site experience. This can help you if you are not sure about the feasibility of this site.

Enterprises/business entities can choose one of two pricing plans – professional ($499 USD per user annually) or firm ($699 US per user annually). The professional package includes basic skills, trends and analytics channels. The firm plan includes everything in the professional plan plus data transfer features, API access, single sign-on, and a few other things.

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