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Want to improve your ecommerce site or small business but don't know where to start with web design, marketing, or video production? If that's the case, you've come to the right place; this review will show why Placeit might be the solution to your difficulties.

Ecommerce merchants are frequently under pressure to be experts in everything from product design to sales, marketing, and product mockups, and everything in between. However, this is not a practical option for the majority of individuals. Fortunately, there are tools available to help you turn your business ideas into a profitable reality.

One method is to create and sell branded products and custom attire to distinguish your company from the competition.

This is where Placeit really shines. This brand allows you to make this type of products in record time, with no Photoshop or design knowledge required.

Given that, you're undoubtedly wondering: what more does Placeit have to offer? What is the price? What are the benefits and drawbacks of using their service?

This review seeks to provide answers to these and other questions. So keep reading to find out if Placeit is the ideal tool for steering your company in the right direction.

Placeit provides thousands of garment, film, and graphic design templates that you may quickly download and alter. They do, however, give a variety of different marketing and branding capabilities in addition to a plethora of attractive themes.

Do you, for example, require a new logo for your company? If so, Placeit provides an easy-to-use logo maker that will undoubtedly develop something that distinguishes your company from other e-commerce companies.

Or perhaps you're looking for a t-shirt design. Placeit provides access to hundreds of garments and digital mockups. In a matter of minutes, you can create professional-looking products that reflects your company.

In essence, Placeit provides consumers with all of the tools they need to rapidly and efficiently design branded things, without the need for any technical or artistic abilities.

A Placeit Price Comparison: How Much Does Placeit Cost?

No Placeit review would be complete without a cost breakdown. So, what is the price of Placeit, and is it worthwhile?

You can try out all of Placeit's tools for free. Then, if you find it useful and believe it will benefit your business, you must upgrade to one of the following options:

The Unlimited Subscription is $14.95 a month or $99.95 annually.

You will have unlimited access to all of Placeit's design templates, video templates, mockups, and logo creators if you choose this option. You can download as many materials as you like and continue your subscription for as long as you want.

Single Purchases: Don't want to make a long-term commitment? This option provides a 'pay as you go' purchase model, in which you only pay for the services you utilize. For example, if you're simply manufacturing one T-shirt or one mockup, you can pay for just those items. This is a good alternative if you don't think you'll use Placit frequently enough to justify a subscription, or if you want to test Placeit's quality and ease-of-use without paying more money than necessary.

Here is a list of Placeit's one-time fees:

  • Mockups cost $7.95.
  • $2.95 for a design template
  • Logos: $39.95
  • $9.95 for video mockups and a single video.

Option for a free trial: As previously said, you can select for a free trial before committing. Aside from that, Placeit occasionally offers free downloads of their picked photographs, so keep an eye out for those.

Your monthly subscription will automatically renew; however, there is no minimum commitment and you can cancel at any time. You must cancel at least one business day before the next billing date in order to avoid being charged for the following month/year.

Placeit does not provide refunds for unused subscription periods. Furthermore, they have the authority to terminate your account for any reason (such as breaching their terms and conditions). However, the assets you've developed will remain accessible even after you discontinue your subscription.

Pros and Cons of Placeit

Let's take a quick look at the tool's advantages and disadvantages. Placeit does a lot of things well, but it does have a few flaws that you should be aware of before making a purchase choice.

A Placeit Review: The Advantages

Placeit is quite basic and straightforward to use for the majority of people. It can be a valuable resource for online retailers who have little to no design, art, or technological abilities and can make mockups and videos using the multitude of resources offered.

Placeit has a large mockup library that is constantly increasing. These can include items such as a mug, coupons, banners, and social media posts. If you wish to include gear with your merchandise, Placeit has a wide selection to pick from, including leggings, hats, hoodies, and t-shirts.

As previously stated, videos are a crucial component of your content marketing arsenal, and Placeit is a wonderful tool for rapidly and easily creating this type of material. There are thousands of templates available in a variety of video formats.

Placeit Review: The Drawbacks

You can't be good at everything and win over everyone. So, obviously, Placeit has flaws, but are they enough to turn you off? Let's take a look and see what we can find out.

As previously said, Placeit is ideal for inexperienced designers and marketers. Placeit, on the other hand, may be a touch too straightforward for those with greater knowledge in design, technology, and branding. Though the tool allows for basic customization, it lacks complex editing features and integrations that experienced web designers may want. It also does not support gifs, complex cropping, or realistic blurring.

Placeit might also be costly if you do not subscribe to their membership plan. Even yet, unless merchandise is a significant part of your firm, you should consider whether this bargain is worthwhile. You must pay per download if you do not have a subscription. This may get pricey, especially when it comes to logos, which cost $39.95 per download! So, if you're only developing one logo and believe it will help your firm, this may be money well spent. If not, consider joining.


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