How To Use Nutaku Premium In November 2022 [100% Working]

Nutaku is an adult gaming platform with mostly hentai games and adult content. The company is located in Canada and focuses on browser, downloadable, and mobile games, providing microtransactions and purchase options.

Nutaku offers over 450 free and paid games of various genres including action-adventure, collectible card games, dating sims, massively multiplayer online games, puzzles, real-time strategy, tower defense, turn-based strategy (TBS), strategy, novels kinetic, visual novels, and .

As of early 2020, Nutaku has 50 million registered users. It is especially noted for its wide selection of translated Japanese erotic games.

Is Nutaku Safe?

Nutaku is it safe? In 2020, a Reddit user posted a Nutaku safe purchase issue asking about Nutaku's safety. Here's the post:

Is safe?

Since the last time I downloaded a hentai game and my email was hacked. I don't trust other hentai games. So, I'm asking if Nutaku is safe. from Reddit

Answering the question, different people have different opinions; some users say that Nutaku is safe while some others doubt Nutaku's security. Their opinion is as below.

Supported: Nutaku Safe

Zid96: I've been procuring stuff from or on Nutaki for a number of years and have never seen or heard of anything related to personal information being hacked from them.

1. Is the Nutaku App Safe?

Ochako_chan: While on mobile, the Nutaku app is completely safe and reliable. You can download and update from there; it is very easy!

2. Is Nutaku a Safe Site for My Card?

God_ith: I had this problem before. What I did was create an email account exclusively to check the site out (started with Fap ceo) and have never had a problem. I even ventured to download the desktop client and then buy some Nutaku coins with my CC. No problem till now, so Nutaku Transaction is safe.

3. Nutaku Game is Safe

Kazamiyuji: I've been playing the Nutaku game for quite a while now and I haven't encountered a single problem. Sometimes, there might be issues with the game loading slightly or whatever, but as far as getting a virus or something like that, that's not the case with Nutaku.

4. How Safe is Nutaku?

Nutakulewd: Nutaku is 100% safe.

Is Nutaku a Safe Site?

There is a secure web report from NortonLifeLock, formerly known as Symantec, for the safety and security concerns of In the report, the Nutaku community rating is 3.7 out of 5, probably safe.

Although there were only three user reviews in the report, two of them turned out to be negative. One comment says that the email directs you to an explicit – spam website while another claims that I don't play pornographic games because they are ungodly to us.

Therefore, in general, Nutaku is not completely safe.

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