Grammarly Review Pros, Cons, And Alternatives In January 2023

Professional writers, regardless of their level of experience, require spell and grammar checkers. In addition, Grammarly is now ranked as the top online writing assistant.

But does it suit you?

Before installing the online tool and paying for the Premium edition, please read my review. You will learn about Grammarly's capabilities, price options, and intended audience.

What exactly is Grammarly?

Grammarly is the most well-known online spelling and grammar checker. It is utilized by over 10 million people, ranging from students to experienced writers, to identify and correct any writing errors.

The writing assistance works by analyzing the uploaded or pasted text for mistakes. There are various versions of the application that may offer basic to full grammar checks.

Grammarly's free version includes grammar, punctuation, and spelling checks. The premium version may correct your tone, clarity, and conciseness, as well as other writing techniques. It also has a plagiarism checker! It will search the entire internet for published content to ensure that your work is 100 percent unique.

Grammarly's Contribution to Your Writing

Grammarly is not a magic genie that corrects all writing errors on a piece of text. Furthermore, learning is facilitated by the application's extensive explanations.

Provides Weekly Statistics

Grammarly will send you weekly emails that allow you to track your writing process and set objectives. The application provides you with your vocabulary comprehension and productivity levels. Additionally, you will receive your weekly writing streak. This applies to both the Premium and Business plans, and you can disable the option if you do not desire to receive notifications.

This software's mastery percentage indicates your weekly accuracy relative to other Grammarly users. And your proportion of productivity is the quantity of words you typed in comparison to others. You can also see how distinctive your words are relative to those of others.

Improves Confidence Levels

In addition to advanced writing ideas, the digital writing tool identifies weak or superfluous words and phrases for improved writing quality. The elimination of "I think" and "I feel" results in a more certain tone.

Offers Specific Explanations

  • Grammarly does not stop at suggesting word and sentence changes. It also provides a justification for doing so. Here is an illustration.
  • There are numerous non-sewing use for cloth.
  • There are numerous ways to utilize your wonderful cloth without sewing.

You may question why Grammarly wants to replace proper content. The app states, "The term 'pleasant' is frequently overused. Consider employing a more precise synonym to sharpen your writing."

The program indicates when your phrase structure is unclear or difficult to comprehend. They may request that you eliminate some words or exchange clauses. Additionally, the computer detects wordy statements and prompts you to rewrite them.

Checks Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling

The application is particularly well-known for its grammar suggestions, advanced spelling, and punctuation error correction. However, one aspect worth noticing is its capacity to accommodate various English spellings. Your choice of English language relies on your intended audience. It caters to the English of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

When Grammarly suggests adding a comma, it provides a concise explanation as to why. Occasionally, it even provides multiple options, allowing you to choose the best one.

Is Grammarly Reliable?

Yes, it is accurate for spelling and grammar problems of a fundamental nature. Its suggestions are more accurate than those of competing writing programs. It can address passive voice, diction, style of writing, and comma placement.

Nevertheless, Grammarly cannot substitute a human editor. There may be ideas that may not apply to your work, therefore your judgment is still necessary. Consider too that Grammarly is geared toward email writers and social media managers. For this reason, some corrections may not make sense to expert authors and academics.

This occurs frequently in my fiction writing. The program flags a great deal of dialogue because it is too informal and occasionally contains uncommon vocabulary. Or possibly in a different context. It also highlights numerous offensive phrases, such as profanity. However, the majority of Fiction genres require these elements. Therefore, it is up to me to determine whether the idea will enhance my writing.

Is Grammarly Trustworthy?

Yes, Grammarly is dependable due to its user-friendliness. Several users, particularly professional writers, consider it to be the most user-friendly proofreading tool available on the market. Grammarly is accessible on desktop computers and mobile devices, making it convenient for common users.

This course is for anyone who wishes to enhance their writing skills by making their work more interesting and concise. Grammarly can also be used to avoid errors, respect grammar rules, and detect plagiarism.

Personally, I use the application for two primary career purposes. I am a best-selling author of fantasy romance, as well as a blogger and content provider. Before sending my manuscripts to my editor, I utilize Premium to ensure that all of my emails are professional, that my material is polished and optimized, and that my manuscripts are as good as they can be.

Do I deem it reliable? Absolutely. However, I initially spent time experimenting with the application and determining its limitations. Never blindly accept all suggestions or implement all spelling corrections. Verify that the suggestion is appropriate for the sentence, paragraph, or document.

Grammarly is it Safe?

According to Grammarly's privacy policy, the advanced grammar checker is completely secure. Whether you're utilizing it for personal or educational purposes, your privacy will not be compromised.

Using the Grammarly Keyboard and browser extension, you can proofread as you type due to the app's automatic suggestions. Grammarly ensures that whatever you write is secure and encrypted. Signing up could result in the disclosure of some personal information. However, it contains only your username, email address, language, and contact information. They only share it with third parties such as

marketing and research partners.

The server-based storage utilized by Grammarly Keyboard poses a potential security risk. It always requires internet access, so any sensitive stuff you compose could be at risk. Grammarly guarantees all of its users that they will not review their content unless they breach their terms of service. However, I do not believe it to be 100% secure.

Credit card and PayPal payments for subscriptions are completely secure. The privacy policies of PayPal ensure the security of your payment information.

What is Grammarly's price?

Grammarly offers three fee-based plans: Grammarly Free, Grammarly Premium, and Grammarly Business. The free version can provide you with rudimentary spelling, grammar, and punctuation advice. It also provides basic suggestions regarding the clarity of your work.

Grammarly Premium costs $12.00 per month to begin. The annual plan's total cost is $144,00. Additionally, you can pay quarterly for $20.00 each month or $60.00 per payment cycle. Premium users can also pay $30.00 each month.

The Premium edition provides clarity, style, and other sophisticated corrections unavailable to free users. Inclusionary language, tonal variations, and fluency are characteristics.

Grammarly Business includes all of the features of Grammarly Premium, plus style guides, snippets, and brand tones. Businesses will find the Business version's Analytics dashboard and prioritized email assistance useful.

Grammarly's business plan begins at $12.50 per member per month for 3 to 9 members invoiced annually. If your organization has between 10 and 49 members, the monthly price is $12.08 per member. And the cost per member for businesses with 50 to 149 members is $11.67.

Grammarly for Educational Institutions, which is aimed at schools and universities, was also introduced by the proofreading program.

Does Grammarly Premium Offer Value?

Yes, Grammarly Premium is worthwhile for all authors, especially those whose native language is not English. I prefer the Premium version over other proofreading applications because it is easier to use and more accurate. Additionally, the premium edition allows you to tailor your writing goals.

However, keep in mind that certain types of writers will find it more beneficial. For instance, blog writers who aim for simple lines written in a friendly tone will benefit more than fiction writers who enjoy wordplay.

In addition to your budget and the number of words you write every day, it may depend on these factors. If you are a student who produces short essays weekly, the Premium version may be too expensive for you. However, it is still worthwhile if you are determined to improving your job.

Grammarly is a no-brainer for professional writers like myself, especially if your work is read by influential stakeholders. If you are writing a novel or dissertation, subscribe to the Premium version.

The free edition is sufficient if you solely use Grammarly Premium for personal Facebook captions and tweets.

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