How To Use Freepik Premium In November 2022 [100% Working]

What is Freepik?

As we know Freepik is a site that provides various vector or photo resources that have many advantages for designers. Freepik also provides free and paid resources. Of course there are differences between the two.

So what's the difference if we subscribe to a premium account on Freepik? While Freepik itself provides thousands of free resources that we can download at any time.

Okay, let's just discuss what are the advantages of using a freepik premium account.

Benefits of Using a Freepik Premium Account

1. Get Highest Quality

With a premium account we will not be limited in getting the highest quality of a product on Freepik. It's different if we use a free account. In some products there will be quality limitations of the product.

2. Unlimited Downloads

Now, this one is perfect if you are someone who works as a designer or something that requires continuous design. I recommend you to immediately upgrade your account to premium. Because with a premium account you will not be limited in downloading the resources on Freepik.

3. No Need To Add Attribution

With a license that is included in the premium account, you don't need to include attribution with the creator you are using the design for. It's different if you use a free account, you have to add the creator's attribution.

4. No Ads

With a Freepik premium account you will not see ads at all on the site. Of course this is very helpful when you are looking for resources, you will be more focused than using a free account that has lots of ads.

5. Get Priority Support

With a premium account you will also get priority assistance features. So, for example, if you have problems downloading or other things on the Freepik site, you have the right to contact Freepik customer service. That way you just sit back and wait for your problem to be solved by Freepik.

Those are 5 advantages if you use a Freepik premium account. As a professional designer, of course, a site like is very helpful for our work. With millions of resources in it, it is certainly very helpful to meet our needs as designers.

Freepik Subscription Price

As a beginner and want to try a premium account from freepik, you can try logging in using my account, you can see the tutorial in my video HERE, you can download the script below after waiting a few seconds. Before using this feature, we really hopes for you to support us by SUBCRIBE OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL and JOIN TELEGRAM GROUP by Click Image below.

Script Link

The script link will appear in the second

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