How To Use FluentU Premium In November 2022 [100% Working]

According to FluentU's website, "real world films bring language learning to life"! FluentU's creators scour the internet for videos in hundreds of languages from around the world, then painstakingly translate and transcribe each video before adding subtitles to short video segments for you to study. To improve comprehension, listen to and read languages spoken in real time at the same time.

The Products

  • A massive collection of engaging video content in ten different languages
  • App that is well-designed (that syncs automatically)
  • Transcripts are available online.
  • SRS flashcards customized
  • Your new vocabulary from each course is combined with your existing vocabulary.
  • Gamified quizzes follow each video.
  • System for looking back on what you've learned over time.
  • Can set daily goals and maintain a learning streak
  • supplementary introductory course (only for a few languages)

The Poor

  • Expensive
  • There is no placement test.
  • The difficulty levels appear haphazard.
  • Language scripts are not transliterated (e.g. in Arabic, Japanese etc.)
  • Additional classes are very basic and do not cover much fundamental grammar, script, or pronunciation.
  • There is a lack of content in several languages.
  • Uses a robotic-sounding voice frequently.
  • Only passive learning is emphasized, with no emphasis on speaking or writing.

In addition to English, they currently offer films in ten other languages, including Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. However, the content is not evenly distributed across all languages; for example, the latest edition of Portuguese has only 38 videos in its content library. Before deciding whether FluentU is the right fit for you, think about which language(s) you want to learn.

The videos are divided into six categories, beginning with "Beginner 1" and progressing to "Advanced 2." Because you can interpret each word at your own pace and replay sections an unlimited number of times, you can still get a lot out of the more difficult stages. As a result, 50 videos have the same amount of value as 1000. Having access to thousands of videos allows you to explore until you find themes that pique your interest.

You gain access to the following features if you choose the 14-day free trial or one of the membership packages:

  • There is video content from television, YouTube, commercials, talks, and music videos, among others.
  • Content is classified by topic, level, and format, and it can be sorted by popularity or date contributed, among other things.
  • Bilingual subtitling includes all language scripts (e.g. can display the Kanji or Katakana, for Japanese)
  • A hover-over option for learning the definitions of phrases said
  • A feature that automatically loops video clips for repeated listening
  • A learning facility that includes a flashcard system and a dictionary.

FluentU caters to whom?

Many people can benefit from FluentU, particularly if they:

  • You consider yourself to be a competent language student.
  • You enjoy learning from videos and credible sources.
  • Listening to native speakers at their natural rate should be practiced.
  • You want to improve your vocabulary on your own.
  • You want to improve your target language listening and reading comprehension skills.

Who Does FluentU NOT Serve?

FluentU, like any other program, has drawbacks that may not suit some people, particularly those who fall into the following categories:

  • You are either an absolute beginner or an expert.
  • You don't understand Japanese grammar.
  • You want to improve your conversational skills.
  • You want to learn a foreign language in depth.
  • You perform better in a structured learning environment.

Is FluentU affordable?

FluentU is not cheap. The program's cost is rising, and the 14-day free trial will pass too quickly to learn much. The basic package used to cost around $15 per month, but it now costs $29.99 per month. FluentU clearly promotes annual membership.

Furthermore, while we believe FluentU is excellent for gaining exposure to your target language, it is not a cure-all. You will still need to work hard and study with other language classes, textbooks, or tutors. As a result, the majority of people are unable to justify the price.

It is important to note, however, that you are not required to join for the entire year. In fact, we recommend paying for a single month, then canceling your membership and focusing on other resources for a while before returning.

FluentU Conclusion Review

Although FluentU is an excellent resource, it should not be your sole method of language learning. The program's goal is to immerse you in the language; however, without speaking practice, you will lack this critical skill, which will prevent you from truly using the language.

FluentU is best used as a supplement to more structured educational programs like JapanesePod101 for vocabulary and listening practice. This will introduce you to correct grammar and a wide range of new vocabulary, which you will then be able to demonstrate and practice with an italki native coach.

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