Crunchyroll Review Pros, Cons, And Alternatives In January 2023

There are several online streaming services available, but none compare to Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll is, of course, well-known among anime fans: it is one of the most well-known and largest anime streaming services.

Millions of people watch their favorite anime series for free, but millions more pay for a membership.

Despite not being as well-known as Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+, Crunchyroll has a large anime viewing library. In this review, we'll look at Crunchyroll's features and determine whether it's worth subscribing to.

The following are important characteristics:

  • A large anime library with Funimation dubs.
  • Enjoy anime in a wide range of genres, including action, comedy, drama, adventure, mystery, idols, and more.
  • Stream over 1300 programs as well as a slew of simulcast entertainment.
  • There are numerous pricing options available.

Product Information:

  • Resolution of playback: 480p for the free version, 720p HD to 1080p for members.
  • There are six concurrent streams (Ultimate Fan subscription)
  • Profiles allowed per account: 0


  • an extensive anime collection
  • Simulcast anime begins a few hours after it is released in Japan.
  • To read manga, download the Crunchyroll app.


  • Some shows, such as Cowboy Bebop and Dragon Ball, are not streamable.
  • There are no animated series available.
  • There isn't much dubbed content.

Anime! Yes, this is an obvious question, but you can not only watch anime, but you can also watch it quickly. Crunchyroll releases a series an hour after it premieres in Japan. Ace of Diamon, Black Clover, and, of course, My Hero Academia are among the shows that are simulcast.

Actually, if you want to keep track of your favorite options, check out Crunchyroll's simulcast calendar. After all, you can't possibly miss the latest One Piece episode!

You also have a lot of options, ranging from the classic Hunter X Hunter and Naruto to some unique series produced by the platform itself, such as the recently popular The Rising of the Shield Hero. You can expect both anime and original anime content.

All you have to do to watch a specific series is go to Crunchyroll's home page.

While some anime shows are more popular than others, Crunchyroll does not discriminate. They offer a diverse selection of anime for free or with a paid subscription.

All genres are represented, including action, comedy, drama, adventure, mystery, idols, sci-fi, sports, supernatural, sports, a slice of life, post-apocalyptic, historical, romance, Shonen, and Isekai. If you want to watch a new show, you can search for individual shows on the app or use the drop-down menu to search by category.

Chinese, Singaporean, Japanese, Korean, crime, family, food, historical, romantic, and thriller are just a few of the drama genres. If you're looking for an excellent anime drama, there are many categories and shows to choose from.

Remember that now that Crunchyroll owns Funimation, their shows are included as well, and more are being added. Take a look at Tokyo Ghoul or Yu Yu Hakusho. So you basically have more options—and more dubbed options!

This is due to the fact that Funimation has a larger dubbed collection, so more dubbed series can be expected once everything has been transferred over.

Crunchyroll provides more than just anime. You sell comics as well as other fantastic items. You gain access to a manga reading platform when you download the app. After you've downloaded the app, simply browse your phone's app store and search for your favorite manga series. If you haven't read manga yet, this is an excellent resource!

Read your favorite volumes at the manga shop, and if you're looking for some gear, there are books, figurines, clothes, and even physical films to add to your collection. You can also eat Japanese food while watching your favorite show.

Features and accessibility

You might wish for more dubbed options on Crunchyroll, but subs are still the priority. Unfortunately, there aren't many customization options for those subtitles, which may make them difficult to read for some people.

Parents would also like more powerful parental control tools. In your settings, you can, for example, filter your mature content and manga content, but you can't lock those options down. It will be difficult to cycle through all of the content that you may not want your child to see due to the size of the library.

You can't always rely on everything being prohibited unilaterally, especially now that there are fewer content ratings or advisories, so keep a closer eye on what your younger children watch.

Alternatives for Pricing

When it comes to Crunchyroll, there are a few different pricing options. The free plan includes advertisements, but not all of the anime and manga libraries. For a limited time, you can still view a sort of taster that will show you the first three episodes of new titles.

You, too, have plan tiers. The $8 monthly plan is the first option. The Fan tier plan removes all content restrictions and gives you access to everything Crunchyroll has to offer. If you have access to all digital copies of manga in English, you can also watch new releases within an hour. And, yes, your streaming will be free of advertisements.

Then there's the $10/month option. Everything from the previous plans is included in the Mega Fan tier, as well as discounts, fan expos, and offline viewing. If you commit to this plan for a year, you can also get a small discount. You can also stream on up to four devices at the same time and get a discount at the Crunchyroll store.

Consider the Ultimate Fan tier plan, which costs $15 per month and provides the full experience. Save money on bags and figurines by streaming on up to six devices! Not only will you save money, but you'll also receive a one-of-a-kind swag bag and figurine just for signing up for this plan.

You should be aware that all of these tiers support 1080p streaming and offer free access to Funimation and VRV episodes. If you want to try out one of the more expensive plans, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial.

For US viewers, a bundle that includes Crunchyroll and other fan-favorite streaming platforms is available for a low monthly fee. With a VRV subscription, you can access anime streaming sites, gaming channels, and cartoon channels.

In addition, if you choose a VRV subscription, you will receive a Crunchyroll Fan membership as well as HIDIVE, Cartoon Hangover, Mondo Media, and other perks. The monthly subscription fee is simply $9.99.


Despite the fact that Crunchyroll has a large amount of content, users complain that the UI is difficult to use. Furthermore, if you enjoy using the free plan, those advertisements can become annoying, which is why many people continue to pay for the subscriber plans.

You cannot also switch profiles, so if you have multiple people watching anime at the same time, you may need to switch between series to avoid seeing an episode of something else.

You won't get 4K HDR, but you will be able to view in 1080p HD. But don't hold it against Crunchyroll. This is common on anime streaming platforms because anime programs are rarely created in 4K resolution.


Crunchyroll is a fantastic streaming platform for anime fans if you're willing to pay for a subscription. A free plan is a great way to test the waters and see if Crunchyroll is right for you, but a paid package will give you the best experience. You'll get more benefits and a more seamless viewing experience with our one-stop anime platform.

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