Coursera Plus Review Pros, Cons, And Alternatives In January 2023

Online learning is nothing new, despite the pandemic shining a new attention on it. Using the top online learning platforms, we have had access for decades to earning a degree or learning a new trade. One such website that has been around for a while is Coursera. The best thing about Coursera is that it hosts courses from prestigious colleges and makes many of them freely accessible to everyone. To put it another way, you may obtain all the lectures and readings from a real class at a university like Yale for nothing at all. To provide open access to education in a range of subjects, Coursera also collaborates with private businesses. You have the option of paying for a course that leads to a professional certificate, bachelor's degree, or master's degree, or taking classes for free for personal development.

Coursera is a simple and unremarkable online learning environment that teaches you through videos, texts, quizzes, and assignments. The interface may use some improvements, and the content can be a bit dry when compared to, say, MasterClass, which puts a lot of emphasis on production value. With many courses taught in languages other than English, closed captioning, subtitles, and a complete text of the spoken portions of every video, Coursera does well in supporting a range of languages. Coursera receives an Editors' Choice award for making so many courses from legitimate universities accessible to so many people for free, despite the fact that the platform may use some improvements and fine-tuning.

What Services Offers Coursera?

Three course options are available on Coursera Essential:

  • Free courses you audit, which means you have full access to the content but no grades or certificates,
  • Paid courses include marks, comments from the lecturer, and perhaps a certificate, and
  • programs leading to the bachelor's and master's degrees from renowned colleges (where Coursera hosts the courses).

Coursera includes a wide range of subjects, in contrast to other online learning programs that concentrate on training in computer science or other disciplines. Among them are the humanities, business, computer science, data science, information technology, health, philosophy, music, art, history, math, logic, physical science, and engineering.

Through collaborations with colleges, Coursera also provides programs that lead to a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree. Some of these matriculated programs have restrictions and substantially greater costs than Coursera's other programs. For instance, it may take three to six years to complete a BSc in Computer Science at the University of London, which is projected to cost between $14,860 and $22,222 at the time of writing. Additionally, these degree programs often have set beginning dates

Beyond these for-pay, degree-focused options, there is a sizable selection of open-enrollment courses. Examples include Stanford's Introduction to Food and Health, Google's IT Automation with Python, Autodesk Certified Professional: AutoCAD for Design and Drafting Exam Prep, and Introduction to International Criminal Law.

What is Required for Enrollment?

Depending on the course, you might only need your email address to register on Coursera.

However, to participate in degree programs, you must apply with the host university. By adhering to the institution's deadlines, requirements, price schedule, and other requirements, you must apply for admission. In essence, you enroll with the institution but access the course materials, take part in class discussions, and turn in assignments through Coursera.

What Is the Price of Coursera?

On Coursera, you are typically enrolled as an auditing student when a course is actually free. When you audit a course, your participation is somewhat constrained. In most cases, you cannot turn in assignments for a grade and Coursera will not issue you a certificate of completion. While you won't get a professional critique of your work from an instructor, many courses still allow you to engage in peer-review, so you might still get some comments from other students auditing the class.

You can switch from being an auditor to being an enrolled learner for a cost, often $49 upfront for a brief certificate course or $49 per month for longer programs. However, these costs are substantially lower than you may anticipate for degree programs, which often have much higher fees and are determined at the university's discretion.


  • provides free authentic university courses
  • collaborating with commercial businesses to develop job-specific skills
  • affordable certificate programs


  • Occasionally dated interface

What Are the Prices for Other Learning Programs?

Due to the fact that Coursera's rates differ depending on the type of program you enroll in, it is challenging to compare them to those of other learning platforms. It seems very logical that many courses can be accessed for free and that many others cost around $49.

Comparatively, Udacity is more expensive, with so-called Nanodegree courses often costing $339–$399 per month. Nanodegrees typically take three to four months to complete, putting the total cost per course at $1,017-$1,356. Some of Udacity's courses are free, however unlike Coursera, they frequently don't include a degree. Another similarity is that Udacity collaborates with well-known businesses like Google and IBM to provide courses that teach the skills those organizations demand.

Other websites, like Skillshare and LinkedIn Learning, also provide courses for professional growth. These two in particular offer more tutorials for specialized computer products, including Photoshop and InDesign, as well as soft skill courses, such corporate leadership. The annual cost of $168 or $32 per month for Skillshare. However, LinkedIn Learning cannot be purchased separately. To access it, you must have a paid LinkedIn account, which costs between $240 and $576 annually. Paid LinkedIn accounts have extra perks including more networking, recruiting, and job-hunting capabilities.

Real University Courses, Open to Almost Everyone

Coursera does a fantastic job of making authentic courses from prestigious colleges accessible to virtually everyone. You can receive the same lectures and readings as a student at Princeton University, Sciences Po, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, and many more esteemed institutions even if you are unable to pay anything at all. Additionally, there are courses created by for-profit businesses like Google, IBM, and Autodesk to assist you in learning certain job-development skills. Although the Coursera platform might use some improvements, it has a strong enough foundation and is simple to use. Editors' Choice recommends Coursera as a platform for accessible education.

Top Coursera Alternatives

  1. Pluralsight Skills
  2. LinkedIn Learning
  3. Udacity
  4. Udemy Business
  5. Cloud Academy
  6. CBT Nuggets
  7. A Cloud Guru
  8. Khan Academy
  9. Codecademy
  10. DataCamp

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