How To Use Adobe Acrobat Premium In November 2022 [100% Working]

Adobe Acrobat DC has a lengthy history as a PDF editor on the market. Despite its ups and downs, the program has managed to maintain its status as one of the best PDF editors available. It offers a lot of capabilities, and while this may be a little overwhelming for some beginners, it's still a terrific tool for those who know how to use all Acrobat DC has to offer. This is probably not the best solution for you if you're searching for a simple, easy PDF editor for modest activities. If you're a dedicated user who requires a lot of sophisticated capabilities, Acrobat DC is currently one of the best options.

  • $2.99 at Amazon
  • $19.99 at Udemy
  • $44.99 at LinkedIn Learning


  • Lots of features
  • Polished, responsive interface
  • Support for advanced operations like encryption


  • May not be the best for beginners with its overwhelming interface and feature set

The tool comes with a number of pricing options that should cover most people's needs. You can choose between the Pro(opens in new tab) and Standard(opens in new tab) versions, with the former costing about $2-3 more each month depending on your membership choice, and you can subscribe for a full year (paid in one payment or monthly), or on a monthly basis. Special plans are available for corporations, students, and teachers.

Document comparison (with the ability to strip out differences), OCR (opens in new tab), redaction, and validation are just a few of the new capabilities available in the Pro edition. Most of these capabilities are geared for commercial users with extremely particular requirements, so most users will be happy without them. The additional cost of the Pro subscription, on the other hand, makes it a decent deal for individuals who require the advanced capabilities.

Adobe Acrobat DC has a number of features that can assist you in organizing your PDFs and getting the most out of them. You may divide and merge documents, change their styles, cut/insert text, and more with the normal editing features. You can also convert between different formats, such as Word(opens in new tab) and many image formats. The tool also allows you to compress PDFs without losing any data, albeit the success rate of this operation will be determined by a variety of elements unique to your documents.

Standard form editing is also supported by Acrobat DC, however it may appear limiting in this aspect if you're used to other tools. Although the form editor should provide for most people's needs, keep in mind that there are better options if this is going to be a significant part of your daily work.

Acrobat DC has a sleek, responsive interface that leaves nothing to be desired, and it is one of the application's strong qualities. Adobe's software suite is well-known for this, and the company has a solid reputation for its cutting-edge user interface design. The main drawback is that Acrobat DC is a little heavier than a regular PDF editor, and it requires a powerful machine to run properly.

Adobe is regarded for its excellent customer service, and you'll discover a wealth of material in the knowledge base to begin with. The majority of your questions, especially those about general application use, should be answered there. If you require advanced assistance, you can expect the team to respond quickly, and they are known for the high quality of their support specialists, so you can anticipate a swift resolution to your issues.

On the present market for PDF editors, Acrobat DC is in a class by itself, with no real competitors. The program is now the most professional PDF editor available, and it includes a wide range of advanced capabilities to suit everyone's demands. The sole exception is if you require something more complicated for filling up forms, in which case an editor such as PDF24 Creator(opens in new tab) or PDFZilla(opens in new tab) may be preferable, despite their clunkier appearance.

Adobe Acrobat DC isn't the cheapest PDF editor on the market, but it earns its stellar reputation. The program comes with almost everything you'll need to deal with PDF documents and take your work to the next level, and it's all displayed in a lovely, comprehensive interface. Give the free trial a try to see whether it meets your needs; chances are you won't need to look any further after seeing what Acrobat DC has to offer.

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