How To Use WeVideo Premium In November 2022 [100% Working]

WeVideo is a video creation site (as well as a Chrome and mobile app) that allows students to easily create, edit, and share video content. It's cloud-based, so multiple people from different locations can work on the same video, or students can work on it at school and finish it for homework.

WeVideo has two editing modes: Storyboard and Timeline, which students can use depending on their video editing skills. Students can switch between modes if they change their minds later. Storyboard is best for beginners or younger students. Students can use the timeline to add extra features such as custom fonts and effects. They can upload images, video clips, and audio and combine them with voice-over or text, or choose from WeVideo's million licensed media options. Green screen effects, screencasting, motion effects, exporting only audio to create a podcast, audio editing, and templates are among the additional features. Students can apply a stylish filter to the entire video using themes, and the Invite feature allows them to grant others access and editing capabilities. Students can polish the end product by editing transitions between pieces of media.

The WeVideo website employs JumpStart technology, which allows users to begin editing immediately without having to wait for their files to upload (which happens in the background). Regardless of file size, this keeps things moving in the classroom.

With WeVideo, students will learn basic to advanced video editing skills. Students express themselves through video, still images, audio, and their own personal style when creating content. They can also gather information, photos, and video and audio clips from online sources or their account's extensive built-in library. They'll then learn how to edit these disparate raw materials into a finished product that's ready to share during the editing phase. They'll learn to visualize data and organize their stories into impressive presentations, podcast episodes, or mini-movies, ranging from personal anecdotes to historical reports.

WeVideo makes it simple to quickly create professional-looking videos. Students will enjoy experimenting with the different themes, the green screen option allows them to insert themselves into any scene or background, and the different filters allow them to change the tone of their video. Kids can upload media directly from other websites like Flickr or Dropbox, or from their own computer, in addition to the built-in media library. Help is also simple to find, with a single button in the upper right corner of the editing screen providing access to everything. Overall, WeVideo is a good editing program with a unique focus on collaboration.

WeVideo Benefits

WeVideo's main advantages are its user-friendly interface, which simplifies advanced video editing so that both novice and experienced editors can easily create great videos. Its simple layout combines complex and simple features to give you complete creative control. The WeVideo JumpStart technology simplifies and speeds up video editing. This unique technology allows you to begin editing in the cloud right away, without having to wait for locally stored files to load.

Another noteworthy feature is WeVideo's cloud-based nature, which allows you to collaborate with friends to make different edits on the same footage. Because the software has cloud storage and cross-platform functionality, you can work from anywhere and at any time. You can mix previously uploaded media with locally stored media at the same time. In addition, the app works on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Chromebooks.

Multiple video editing modes allow users to turn their ideas into movies. The storyboard, for example, allows you to make beautiful movies in minutes. More advanced features are available in the timeline mode. With green screen, special effects, graphics, speed control, and more, you can mix and match over 600 audio, video, and image formats.

WeVideo Features

  • 720p video resolution
  • Motion titles
  • Screencasting
  • WeVideo JumpStart
  • Cloud storage
  • Music library
  • Slow motion
  • Voiceover
  • Guilt in graphics
  • Customizable environment
  • Green screen
  • Advanced text editing
  • File & media manager
  • Multi-track editing and storyboard

Plans for Pricing

WeVideo pricing is available in the following plans:

  • POWER PLAN $9.99/month
  • UNLIMITED PLAN $15.99/month
  • BUSINESS PLAN $39.99/month

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