How To Use Storytel Premium In November 2022 [100% Working]

Storytel is a digital audiobook streaming subscription service for mobile devices. You create a subscription and install an app on your mobile device (iPhone or Android).

Storytel was established by Jonas Tellander and Jon Hauksson in 2005. After the 2015 merger with Massolit Forlagsgrupp, the company was publicly traded (Aktietorget). Currently, The Storytel Group is comprised of two business divisions: Streaming and Publishing. Streaming is a subscription-based service under the Storytel brand that offers audiobooks and e-books. Currently, the service is offered in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, and India. Mofibo is also available for streaming in Denmark. The publishing division consists of Norstedts Forlagsgrupp (Sweden), People's Press (Denmark), Rubinstein (Holland), and Storytel Publishing (United States) (Global).

Storytel is an entrepreneur-driven company that strives to be the first and only option for audiobook enthusiasts. Storytel aspires to be the market leader in audiobook streaming, and we work tirelessly to provide the best digital book experience available. Storytel is an application that allows you to access thousands of audiobooks and ebooks on your iOS or Android device. Storytel is an excellent app for avid readers, providing access to a vast library containing thousands of books in every genre imaginable. So go ahead and find your next favorite book in ebook or audiobook format. Storytel can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android devices.

Storytel is an application that contains a vast library of audiobooks, podcasts, and educational lectures. The player has the most user-friendly interface for listening to audiobooks in a variety of modes. Permits you to listen to audiobooks in Russian and English in your spare time from a vast collection that includes all existing literary genres.

Its database contains over 5,000 examples of genres including classic, detective, science fiction and fantasy, fiction, and scientific literature. The program has two modes of operation. If you have Internet access, you can choose from a vast selection of books and read captivating stories online.

Aspects of the Storytel application

  • A rich collection of works from world classics to the latest science fiction novelties.
  • Listening offline.
  • Change of listening speed.
  • Timer.
  • The ability to create personal notes while working.

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We only add an email address and a password here after testing them; we add them only if they work. Additionally, the majority of users change the passwords for their premium account once they gain access. That is why you see an incorrect password during the login process. Don't be disappointed, I will always give this give, therefore don't forget to join our telegram group, click on the picture above.

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