How To Use SpamZilla Premium In November 2022 [Cookies 100% Working]

SpamZilla is a powerful tool that helps you find high quality expired domains with good SEO value in them. This domain also contains backlink data. SpamZilla contains millions of expired domains which you can buy at affordable prices, or you can also bid on auction domains. The best part is, SpamZilla adds 350,000+ expired domains and auctions it every day.

SpamZilla comes packed with powerful features to help you find a reliable, reliable domain that is safe to buy. SpamZilla actually comes with features like — automatic spam detection, inferior backlinks, advanced filters, SEO tools, domain support, and so on. The dashboard is streamlined and easy where finding and buying domains is a breeze.

Overall, SpamZilla is a reliable platform to help you find strong expired domains with authoritative backlinks and good ones to buy.

How much does it cost to subscribe to spamzilla?

Free: $/month

The free version offers basic access to a tool that lets you review up to 25 domains per month. This will provide you with some useful metrics and will definitely help you determine if your domain name is spam.

Standard: $37/month

There are many other features of the standard version to look at. Two important ones are a database of expired domains that you can view and the ability to view domain backlink profiles. Spamzilla contains millions of expired domains found in a daily updated tool.

You will find these features in this package:

  • Get full access to millions of expired domains
  • Automatic spam checking feature
  • Domain backlink data
  • Get 1850 credits for custom domain listings
  • 70+ filter base data
  • Daily emails from newly added domains

By now, you have clearly seen SpamZilla pricing plans. We would highly recommend you to start with the premium plan as it not only helps you find a strong expired domain, but it also has a lot of powerful tools that make it very easy to find a reliable domain in no time.


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