How To Use Sale Samurai Premium In November 2022 [100% Working]

If you operate a store on Etsy, you are well aware of the fierce competition there. You must undertake keyword research for your Etsy listings in order to make them stand out and get more customers to your online business.

the positive news I have a remedy. A comprehensive keyword research tool made just for Etsy sellers is called Sale Samurai. Over 1,000 eCommerce vendors worldwide rely on it, and you can use it to uncover long-tail keywords that shoppers are looking for to increase the visibility of your products.

In order to create effective titles and tags for each of your Etsy listings, the tool will provide you access to words and phrases that have a high search volume as well as details on price, shipping times, and other factors. Read the next portions of this review if you're prepared to expand your Etsy business. I'll break down and examine Sale Samurai's key features, advantages and disadvantages, support, pricing, and a lot more.

Does Sale Samurai Make Sense?

Neil Lassen, who developed the application, has extensive experience in eCommerce. He first started his own company on Amazon before transferring to Etsy. He has been able to develop a solution that has the precise characteristics retailers need to increase the visibility of their stores online as a result of his background and experience. Sale Samurai will significantly increase your Etsy growth. This product is a crucial addition to your collection of marketing tools since it gives you the insights and information you need to increase your sales.

Sale Samurai wasn't created by developers, in contrast to other tools of this kind. It was created by a seller for other sellers, and it also has many more features that will help you save a ton of time. For instance, a Chrome plugin displays Etsy SEO information directly from the website.

For whom is Sale Samurai useful?

Anyone who wants to optimize their Etsy product listings in order to draw and convert more customers will find Sale Samurai to be the ideal solution.

It will make it simpler for you to locate profitable things to offer online. With just one click of a button, Sale Samurai will provide you with all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision, saving you many hours of research time.

You should use this tool if:

  • You need a quick and simple method to locate profitable goods to sell online.
  • To locate profitable products, you want to spend less time researching.
  • On whatever product you offer, you want to know how much competition there is.
  • In order to improve your offerings, you want to take lessons from your blockbusters.
  • You want a tool that is reasonably priced and will quickly pay for itself.
  • You require an easy-to-use research tool for Etsy with a minimal learning curve.
With the help of this tool, it's simple for you to uncover profitable keywords rapidly for your Etsy store.

Samurai for Sale: Functionality

Anyone may easily access Sale Samurai's dashboard thanks to its simplicity. Both bright mode and dark mode are available, and all the tabs are clearly presented on the left side of the page.

  1. Get Real Search Data to Grow Your Business
  2. Use the Chrome Extension for Real-Time Research
  3. Find the Long-Tail Keywords Your Customers Are Using
  4. Use the Competition Tracker To Learn from Your Rivals
  5. Favorites Module
  6. Get Additional Analytics to Inform Your Marketing Strategy
  7. Learn from Best Sellers

Pros and Cons of Sale Samurai

Like any software, Sale Samurai has advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the more notable ones to consider:


  • There are numerous tools for Amazon, eBay, and other online marketplaces, but there aren't many that are made just for Etsy sellers, like Sale Samurai.
  • Simple to Use: After installing the Chrome extension, you can immediately begin searching for keywords.
  • Scale Your Business: With the knowledge you'll gain from this tool, you'll be able to choose the products to include in your listings that will yield the highest profit.


The tool only works with keywords; it does not assist you with optimizing photos, product descriptions, or other aspects of your website.


Sales Samurai offers a free 3-day plan. If you want to continue using the software, you can choose between two pricing plans which are as follows:

Monthly Plan: $9.99/month

  • Long-tail keywords
  • Listing data
  • Real Etsy search volume
  • Tag suggestions
  • Shop analytics
  • 3-Day Free Trial

Yearly Plan: $99.99/year (Save 20%)

  • Long-Tail Keywords
  • Listing Data
  • Real Etsy Search Volume
  • Tag Suggestions
  • Shop Analytics
  • 3-Day Free Trial

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