How To Use QuickStart Premium In November 2022 [100% Working]

QuickStart has a number of university partners who offer coding bootcamps. Students must first choose a school and then enroll in the university's QuickStart bootcamp. UC Santa Barbara, Hofstra University, Colorado State University-Pueblo, Florida Atlantic University, and the University of Texas at Austin are among the universities taking part.

QuickStart offers full-stack web development, cybersecurity, cloud engineering, data science, AI/machine learning, and data science bootcamps. All bootcamps are 24-week programs that take place online.

Students can choose between a "immersive" schedule that includes more mentor-led sessions per week and a "flex" schedule that includes fewer mentor-led sessions per week. Students will have access to the program materials for a year in either case.

Career support is included in QuickStart's bootcamps. Students can work with a career counselor who can assist them with mock interviews, resumes, and internship opportunities.

QuickStart Courses

In five specialties, QuickStart offers some of the best coding bootcamps available: cybersecurity, cloud engineering, data science, AI/machine learning, and full-stack web development. Bootcamp students gain the skills they need to pursue an entry-level job in their chosen field in 6-9 months. The bootcamps are all available online.

QuickStart Admissions Process

The admissions process at QuickStart begins with setting up a call with an admissions advisor. You'll be given instructions on how to proceed after the interview.

QuickStart Payment Options

  • You can pay for any of QuickStart's bootcamps in advance. You'll save money if you pay in full rather than in installments or with a loan.
  • QuickStart bootcamps are available in installments over a seven-month period. This is more expensive than paying in advance. If you sign up for the immersive cybersecurity bootcamp, for example, you'll pay $6,800 up front or $7,900 over seven months.
  • Loans: QuickStart works with Climb and Sallie Mae to provide loans. You will have to pay interest on the amount financed if you choose to finance your bootcamp.
  • QuickStart, Inc. offers merit-based scholarships to students who meet certain criteria.

QuickStart Student Outcomes

When choosing a bootcamp, student outcomes such as graduation rate, employment rate, and starting salary of bootcamp graduates can assist you in determining bootcamp quality. Comparisons of bootcamps can also be made based on employment outcomes.

QuickStart does not make its student outcomes available on the internet. To learn more, contact Quickstart by phone or email. Quickstart claims to have graduates working for Apple, FedEx, HP, IBM, and Shopify, among other tech companies. QuickStart can help you find your first job by providing career counseling, interview preparation, and resume writing.

What is QuickStart, exactly?

QuickStart is a bootcamp provider that partners with universities to offer bootcamps in five areas of specialization: artificial intelligence/machine learning, cloud engineering, cybersecurity, data science, and full-stack web development. You cannot enroll in QuickStart bootcamps directly through the company, unlike many other bootcamp providers. QuickStart, on the other hand, offers a curriculum that is used by colleges and universities.

The first step in enrolling in a QuickStart bootcamp is to choose a school. Each bootcamp is offered in an online format by 8-11 different schools. The cost of the course is the same regardless of where you take it.

Is QuickStart worth it ?

A QuickStart bootcamp appears to be a good deal when compared to other bootcamps. Quickstart is much less expensive than the average bootcamp. In 2021, the average cost of a bootcamp was around $13,580, versus $5,100-$6,800 for a QuickStart program if paid in full.

If you're still not sure if QuickStart is right for you, read some QuickStart bootcamp reviews to see what other people have to say.

Is it difficult to get started with QuickStart ?

The admissions process at QuickStart begins with prospective students scheduling phone calls with an admissions advisor. Your admissions advisor will assist you throughout the application process. Beginner bootcamps are the most common type of quickstart bootcamp.

Some bootcamps, however, do have prerequisites, such as basic computer skills. It's possible that you'll need prior Excel or programming experience.

Is QuickStart a free service ?

QuickStart is not a free service. It is, however, significantly less expensive than the average bootcamp. Its programs cost between $5,100 and $6,800. You'll end up paying more if you pay in installments or take out a loan. Students can pay in installments for the flex program for $5,900 or the immersive program for $7,900.

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