How To Use Prezi Premium In November 2022 [100% Working]

With the advent of various rich web technologies that enable developers to do anything within the confines of a typical browser, online presentation tools(opens in new tab) have evolved significantly over the last decade (opens in new tab). Historically, these applications necessitated robust hardware, especially if their full capabilities were to be utilized. Today, it's a different story, as numerous tools offer advanced functionality directly in the browser without the need for a powerful computer. This is especially apparent for tools where the majority of processing occurs on the company's servers.

Prezi was designed from the ground up with the intention of removing as many of the traditional limitations imposed by web applications as possible and enabling users to create stunning, rich presentations with minimal effort and design expertise. It does not take long to become familiar with how Prezi functions and where everything is located, including some of the application's more advanced features. Additionally, Prezi's price is quite attractive compared to the majority of its competitors, making it a great deal overall.

Plans and pricing

There are three subscription tiers for Prezi, but all of them include access to the suite's three main components: Prezi Video, Prezi Design, and Prezi Present. The Standard plan of Prezi costs $5 per month, the Plus plan costs $15 per month, and the Premium plan costs $19 per month. Since the three tools are meant to be used in conjunction in the first place, it makes sense that the subscription includes access to all of them, though this can create the impression that you’re getting much more value for your money. In spite of this, Prezi's pricing is more than reasonable, especially when compared to other similar tools on the market.

A free trial(opens in new tab) is available, unlocking all features of the premium subscription for a week. This is in addition to the free tier that is provided by default, which can be very useful for comparing what Prezi offers and what some of the more advanced features can accomplish. Occasionally, the company offers discounts on their subscription plans, but it can be difficult to catch them in time.


The three primary sections of Prezi are Video, Design, and Present. Prezi Video is utilized for video creation, as the name suggests. It has several features to help you get started as quickly as possible, such as the ability to record directly from your desktop or camera, import a PowerPoint presentation, or begin with one of the provided templates. The available templates are varied and meticulously crafted, so there should be something for everyone.

Prezi Design, on the other hand, enables the creation of more general designs that can be reused throughout the program. For instance, you can create a design for video presentations, which you can then combine with templates in the Video creator to fully personalize your content and tailor it to your specific requirements.

Last but not least, we have Prezi Present, which enables you to create the ideal presentation using familiar features from PowerPoint and other popular presentation software.

Interface and in use

The interface of Prezi is intuitive and the program is designed in a very clean manner, allowing quick access to all essential features at a glance. PowerPoint users should feel immediately at home. Which is intriguing because Prezi did not begin in this manner. The program was created with the intention of performing all of PowerPoint's functions and enhancing the rest. Its original user interface was very different from what we have now, but many users appear to agree that the changes we've made have been sensible.

Some of the more obscure features can be difficult to locate, but Prezi's extensive help section makes overcoming these obstacles simple. Even if you're looking for more advanced functionality, it should take you very little time to become familiar with Prezi at first.


The company provides a knowledge base containing a wealth of information, as well as phone support and a user forum, among other support options. Phone support may be restricted based on your account, but if you have a premium subscription, there should be very few instances in which you must request access. The company also provides a comprehensive workshop with numerous guide videos and other materials to get users started as quickly as possible on their journey. Prezi should be an absolute joy to use for self-learners, as it is designed for those who prefer to investigate their tools independently.

The competition

Microsoft PowerPoint(opens in new tab) and Apple Keynote(opens in new tab) are perhaps the most notable competitors of Prezi; however, the application does a number of things in a manner that is unique to it, and stands out in this market. If you're curious about how other companies approach the design of common features, it's worthwhile to investigate some of Prezi's more prominent competitors. However, it's likely that you'll end up sticking with Prezi in the end.

Final verdict

In a market with a great deal of competition, Prezi is a fantastic offer, especially considering the price. It accomplishes a few tasks in a manner distinct from most other tools in its price range on the market, but in the majority of cases, this is an improvement.

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