How To Use Lumosity Premium In November 2022 [100% Working]

The premise of Lumosity is straightforward: improve your daily life by playing a few quick games daily to exercise your brain. This well-liked free "brain-training" app, which is also available for iOS and Android, purports to improve your memory, attention, and information processing abilities.

Since it's still unclear whether these programs actually help to improve brain function, I say allegedly. The program "Lumosity" is created by a team of neuroscientists and is based on the idea of "neuroplasticity," or the notion that your brain changes over time. These researchers' studies demonstrate that Lumosity delivers on its promises, but other studies in this field have produced contradictory findings. According to the available evidence, using Lumosity or any other brain-training app doesn't appear to do much more than improve your performance in the games you're required to play.

I can't substantiate or refute the science underlying Lumosity's program, so my review will instead concentrate on using the app. The well-designed Lumosity app for Android gives you a simple way to do some daily brain training. But the program is useless without a paid subscription (which I'll discuss below).

get a baseline for your brain

You can use Lumosity for free on the company's desktop website as well as its iOS and Android apps. You'll need a Lumosity account to get started, which you can create using Facebook or your email address.

You can access all of the games in the Lumosity app and on the company's website for $12 per month (£10.50, AU$19), or $60 per year (£55, AU$100), and you can also compare your performance statistics with those of other users in the Lumosity community.

When you first open the app, it asks you a survey about the skills you want to develop, like remembering names or making decisions more quickly when under time constraints. Your responses aid the app in selecting the games it will provide for your training. Following that, you can begin your training sessions. After each session, Lumosity will track your advancement in those skill areas.

Although it's not immediately clear from the app, you can take a brain test on Lumosity's website to get a baseline understanding of your cognitive abilities, which are used in the program. I took a brain test before I started using Lumosity and received a score of 102. The typical score for people in my age group (mid-20s) is 100. Because Lumosity advises returning after 10 weeks of training to see how you fared, I was unable to retake the test during my review.

It's difficult to say whether Lumosity will be effective for you, but the program is a straightforward way to challenge and entertain your mind every day. The Android app has a simple layout, making it simple to sign up, complete your training, and continue with your day.

Although I like the concept behind Lumosity, I don't like that a paid subscription is required to access the full content. The app feels too empty and uninteresting without it for me to want to use it again and again. But even for Lumosity, $12 a month seems excessively high for a brain-training program. This is due to my opinion that the additional games and statistics you receive with the subscription don't add enough value to warrant the price.

Monument Valley is the mobile puzzle game I would choose if I were going to spend money on it. Even though Monument Valley's creators make no claims about brain training, it's still a fantastic mobile game that's both entertaining and thought-provoking.

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