How To Use Idagio Premium In November 2022 [100% Working]

When it comes to streaming music services, you have a lot of great options. There is an almost endless selection of music available on Spotify and similar services. Yes, that includes classical music, but the increasingly popular genre has unique requirements that the main music services do not address. Idagio provides resources for lovers of classical music. Now that Apple has absorbed its sole rival, Primephonic, it is the only product in this category. Idagio's standout new features include live-streamed online events like concerts and interviews, as well as better financial support for classical musicians than other music streaming services.

Idagio provides a gentle, easy start for classical listeners to enjoy streaming. Adagio is the musical direction for a slow, gentle, at-ease piece. Although classical music only makes up a small portion of the overall music market, a study commissioned by Idagio(Opens in a new window) found that fewer classical music enthusiasts stream. People switching from CDs, LPs, and radio to streaming services will increase the audience, which is ready to expand.

How Much Does Idagio Cost?

Idagio provides apps for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows in addition to a web interface. The sound quality is excellent at this level, at 192Kbps, and there is a free account option (see below for more on sound quality). Instead of playing tracks at your request on the free tier, it recommends songs based on your choices. Between tracks, there are also sporadic (mostly internal) advertisements. You can connect Bluesound, Sonos, and other speaker systems, stream lossless, CD-quality music, save your favorite albums and tracks as collections, download music for offline listening, and more with the $9.99 per month Premium subscription. All video concerts in Idagio's Global Concert Hall are accessible with the Premium+ Concerts account level ($16.67 per month with a one-year commitment, or $29.99 month-to-month).

Apple recently bought Primephonic, the service's closest rival with a $9.99 monthly fee (it also featured including lossless classical music). Costing $14.99 per month (or $12.49 with an annual subscription), Qobuz provides a sizable, regularly updated library of classical music in the highest Hi-Res Audio quality. Additionally, it enables you to purchase music as downloadable files rather than streaming it.

Idagio, on the other hand, pays artists per second of listening time rather than per song played because, in the case of classical music, one track can easily last over 30 minutes and another just a minute. The point is that by using one of these classically focused services, as opposed to a mass-market service like Apple Music or Spotify, you are more fairly supporting your favorite musicians.

Interface and Differences from the Big Services

The web interface for Idagio is clean and uncomplicated, though perhaps a little too unfinished and text-heavy compared to the interfaces of the major music streaming services. I should point out that the desktop interfaces are merely "wrappers" for the web interface; they are identical and offer only a desktop icon as additional features.

Discover, Browse, Mood, and Recently Played are the four main menu options on Idagio. Your Collection, which is divided into Tracks, Recordings, Playlists, Albums, and Artists, is displayed beneath those left-menu options. Now between them are the Streamed Events and My Events menus. Primephonic divides performers into conductors, ensembles, and soloists, which some listeners may find more useful. However, when you arrive at the Performers page of Idagio, you get an even more thorough breakdown, including pianists, cellists, vocalists, and choirs.

The Discover section features a variety of enticing categories, including new recordings, the Global Concert Hall, Pre-release Tracks, Live Compare, Playlists for You, Trending Playlists, and Your Weekly Mixes.

Idagio's search bar is always at the top, but it's the results that really stand out because they are neatly divided into categories like Top Results, Artists, Recordings, Works, and Albums. In Primephonic, if you search for "Four Last Songs," you merely get a list of albums with those words in the title. You can find recordings for any of the works by Richard Strauss and other composers thanks to Idagio. To view all of Strauss's works, you could also click on the image of his head.

On the search result page for a piece, there is a column on the left where you can select a soloist, ensemble, or composer.

The Player Page

The player page for Idagio features the same top search bar, left-side main menu, and album and track lists in the middle. The player bar is located at the bottom and allows you to pause, skip, favorite (add to collection), scrub, and change volume. While that bar remains visible while you navigate the website, I prefer how Qobuz's equivalent play bar features a thumbnail of the cover art.

Something that I'm used to in Spotify and some other services is missing from Idagio's player page. It doesn't always show the album cover art when you click the track title in the player at the bottom of the screen. But I really value the fact that Idagio doesn't omit album information like Spotify does, especially when you're looking for a specific piece.

Idagio occasionally provides more track details than Qobuz, including the track's title. For instance, on Qobuz, the first track from a recent Max Richter album is simply titled Richter: Flowers of Herself, but on Idagio, the title is Max Richter, Woolf Works: Mrs. Dalloway (2017), Flowers of Herself. Idagio is good at providing this kind of information, but there are some areas where it falls short. For instance, it doesn't reveal a track's length until you are actually listening to it, and occasionally I would see a recording title along with its track list but no album cover art.

But when you play an album on Qobuz, a side panel provides you with information about the performance, the piece, and the performers. Finding other recordings of the piece or by the same musicians is the key to idagio. Even Spotify offers biographies on artist pages; the artist page itself only features thumbnails of the performer's recordings. You must click on the Booklet link to get background information, which not all recordings provide.

Audio Speeds and Feeds

Paid accounts at Idagio stream music at lossless FLAC, while free accounts stream it at 192Kbps (CD-equivalent 16-bit, 44.1KHz sample rate). When compared to Spotify's free level, which is only 96Kbps (with a High option of 160Kbps), and Pandora's paid accounts, which top out at 192Kbps with a 64Kbps free level, those free levels are impressive. For its free and paid account holders, LiveXLive offers streams at 128Kbps and 320Kbps, respectively. Tidal and Apple Music don't provide free accounts, but they do offer 320Kbps and lossless audio.

Amazon Music Unlimited, Tidal, and Qobuz all offer higher-resolution FLAC streaming than Idagio for some recordings, where it's available, at 24 bits and up to 192 KHz sample rates.

Extra Features

The COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns are the perfect time for Idagio's biggest new feature, Global Concert Hall, which streams live performances of orchestras, choruses, and soloists from around the world. Either purchase individual event tickets or subscribe to everything with the Premium+ Concerts account level ($16.67 per month with a year's commitment, or $29.99 month-to-month). Depending solely on how much you want to give the performers, some tickets can cost anywhere from $2 to $150. Some performances have a set price; I went to a $5 Bach b-minor mass performance.

You can watch some concerts on demand after the live event has ended for free, but you'll still need a ticket. The program and some brief historical context are included at events, and many also feature illuminating interviews with the performers.

I saw just two orchestral concerts in the upcoming two months, but there were ten chamber music concerts available at the time of this review. Check out Marquee TV, Medici, or Bachtrack if you enjoy watching operas and classical music videos.


  • Fine sound quality
  • Large music selection, with recent releases
  • Useful categorization and search tools
  • Live concert options
  • Exclusive recording content


  • Lacks background info on performers
  • No podcasts
  • Doesn’t include Hi-Res Audio streams
  • No similar music auto-play feature for desktop

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