How To Use Hayu Premium In November 2022 [Cookies 100% Working]

Hayu debuted in Australia in 2016 and is essentially what Shudder is to horror fans: a one-stop shop for all your guilty pleasures. Real Housewives, Kardashians, Million Dollar Listings, and Top Chef are just a few examples. In other words, if you only want to keep your Foxtel subscription for the Fox Arena channel, you may cancel it because Hayu has you covered.

How much does Hayu set you back?

Hayu isn't for everyone, but for trash fans like myself, it's a steal at $6.99 per month with a generous 7-day free trial. For the sake of comparison, Netflix costs $10.99 per month, Stan costs $10 per month, and Disney Plus costs $11.99.

What shows are available on Hayu?

Hayu has little over 300 titles, so it isn't the world's largest library. However, because most reality shows are long-running, there are plenty (thousands) of episodes to keep you entertained.

Hayu is heaven for anyone who enjoys seeing adult women with ridiculous amounts of money squabble over who said what behind their backs. It has every Real Housewives franchise from Atlanta to Vancouver, though if you're a fan of the Australian series, you'll need to keep your Foxtel membership (Melbourne and the god-awful short-lived Sydney series).

Keeping with the theme of peering into the lives of the outrageously wealthy, you can also watch all 19 seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, as well as the numerous spin-offs.

Million Dollar Listing will have real estate enthusiasts yearning after insanely costly mansions in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and San Francisco. It can't harm to fantasize, right?

Top Chef, Below Deck, and Vanderpump Rules are among the shows available, as are a number of real crime films such as In Ice Cold Blood, Buried in the Backyard, and 21 seasons of Snapped.

What devices can I use to view Hayu?

As much as I adore Hayu's shows, there is one aspect of the service that I dislike: the mobile app. I tested it on both iOS and Android, and although the iOS version was clumsy but functional, I couldn't get it to operate on Android.

If you have the same issue, you can just watch on the Hayu website; otherwise, apps are available for Apple TV, Chromecast with Google TV, Amazon Fire TV, Fetch TV, Telstra TV, and other Android smart TVs. The Chromecast with Google TV was a joy to use after spending more time than I'd care to admit dealing with the mobile apps.

Is Hayu $6.99 per month worth it?

The answer is very dependent on your personality. Hayu is certainly not for you if you dislike over-the-top drama. If you enjoy reality television, though, $6.99 per month is a reasonable price for so much juicy content.


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