How To Use Fotor Premium In November 2022 [100% Working]

Photo editor for Windows for free If you have some photos on your PC that you'd like to commit to canvas and hang on your wall, Fotor(opens in new tab) is an excellent free photo editor.

Fotor comes with a slew of image-enhancing tools and filters to help you make your photos look their best. It supports all of the most common image file formats, as well as RAW file processing, which you'd think would be reserved for high-end photo editing software.

Unlike the powerful open source image editor GIMP, Fotor lacks Photoshop's extensive set of tools, brushes, and plugins, but it has the advantage of being far more user-friendly. Fotor comes with a number of one-click filters that can be used to improve your photos depending on the conditions in which they were taken and the subject. Artificial lighting, sunsets, portraits, landscapes, and theater are all examples.

Experiential learning

Fotor offers a good range of image tools in exchange for the occasional not-too-annoying ad. You can add special effects, frames, and borders to photos, improve their appearance, and even achieve tilt-shift blurry effects that would normally require an expensive camera.

The emphasis is on quick results, so Fotor, for example, has 13 different one-tap scenes that you can use to completely transform the look of your images. Scenes that are too dark are brightened, those that are overexposed are dimmed, and colors have a lot of punch.

Fotor is free because its creators want you to buy Fotor Pro, which removes the ads and adds some new features like more editing and full HDR support for really dramatic images, but the free version is pretty feature-packed in and of itself.

The most recent updates

Fotor's most recent version now allows you to make collages with a custom aspect ratio. It also has a new tilt-shift algorithm and more raw file formats are now supported. See the official release notes for more information (opens in new tab). Prices for Fotor

Fotor Pricing

Fotor Classical is available for free online, as a mobile application, or as a computer download. Upgrades to the full web version of Fotor Pro can cost $8.99/month or $39.99/year, depending on the payment method you choose; the desktop version of the program can cost $4.99/month or $19.99/year.

The only difference between the basic and pro versions is that the pro version lacks advertising, exclusive photo effects, and advanced HDR technology; otherwise, they are identical. The free versions of Fotor photo editor are better suited to basic editing and design tasks, such as cropping and resizing photos, creating collages, and minor image retouching.


  • Chance to edit images in the web, mobile and desktop version.
  • Intelligent filters and effects
  • A convenient collage maker
  • A RAW file converter
  • Fotor social network


  • Lots of ads in the mobile and web apps
  • Very few possibilities for a deep image retouching
  • Insufficient amount of functions to replace Lightroom
  • Not suitable for creating an image from scratch

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