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Is CuriosityStream Worth the Cost?

CuriosityStream may be the perfect service for you if you're looking for a low-cost service that offers a wealth of educational content. This is why.

CuriosityStream distinguishes itself in the crowded streaming industry by providing users with unique viewing options. Instead of competing with Netflix and Hulu for successful shows and blockbuster films, Curiositystream is a niche service that focuses on documentaries and docuseries, many of which are unavailable elsewhere.

Educators and science and history enthusiasts will enjoy CuriosityStream's thousands of hours of premium presentations, films, and lectures from past and current leaders in a dizzying diversity of fields. Visit black holes with Stephen Hawking's Favorite Places, which won an Emmy Award, or delve into bioluminescence with David Attenborough's Light on Earth.

CuriosityStream monthly subscriptions begin at $3 per month. The streaming service also offers annual memberships and package discounts for schools and libraries, but we will focus on the advantages of monthly no-contract subscriptions in this section. CuriosityStream is a service worthy of consideration if you're interested in expanding your understanding of science and history.

Comparing CuriosityStream to other TV streaming services

CuriosityStream subscriptions begin at half the monthly cost of a subscription, making the service relatively inexpensive. However, there is a limited selection of content compared to popular streaming services such as Netflix. CuriosityStream focuses on documentaries and shows pertaining to science and history. And while the service has feature-length programming and outstanding production values, it does not offer Hollywood content or as many A-list actors as services such as Disney+.

CuriosityStream has a far fewer selection of available titles than the services listed above. Currently, subscribers have access to around 3,000 titles on CuriosityStream, which pales in comparison to the over 80,000 titles offered by Hulu. CuriosityStream is, however, fully ad-free, regardless of the membership plan you choose. CuriosityStream, like its competitors, offers offline downloading so that users can watch when away from home. However, downloads are limited to 10 hours.

What is the cost of CuriosityStream?

One of the greatest features of CuriosityStream is the ability to select the streaming resolution. All titles are available in HD and 4K, so if your TV supports 4K streaming, you can view everything CuriosityStream has to offer while taking advantage of your TV's full potential.

CuriosityStream subscriptions are available in HD or 4K. A monthly HD subscription costs $3 per month, or $20 annually. A 4K subscription costs $10 per month or $70 annually. Additionally, CuriosityStream offers promotions with discounted subscription rates. To honor Earth Day in April 2021, for instance, the streaming service reduced annual subscription fees by 40%.

If you are interested in acquiring CuriosityStream for your local library or school, the program provides discounts for bulk subscriptions. Up to 1,000 subscriptions are available to educational institutions for $12 per month.

Channels and content of CuriosityStream

The programming on CuriosityStream focuses on topics such as science, history, nature, society, and technology. You won't find any sitcoms or action films here, as the majority of the programming is identical to that of NatGeo or the Discovery Channel. Therefore, the service is most effective for those who are interested in seeing educational content.

The majority of the titles on CuriosityStream are documentaries or docuseries. The service delivers content from various networks, such as BBC, as well as a selection of unique programming. Deep Ocean: The Lost World of the Pacific, The Secret Lives of Big Cats, Volga: Mother of Rivers, Return to the Moon, and Out of the Cradle are examples of feature-length documentaries.

In addition to feature-length documentaries, CuriosityStream excels when it comes to docuseries. There are notable limited series involving celebrities, such as Stephen Hawking's Favorite Places, David Attenborough's Light on Earth, Engineering the Future starring Patrick Stewart, and Digits, hosted by Derek Muller and containing interviews with Edward Snowden.

Other favorites on CuriosityStream include First Man, which takes us back 25 million years to meet our ancestors, 4th and Forever: Muck City, a gripping tale of high-stakes football at a pair of Florida highschools; The History of Food, which examines the culture and science of what we eat; and Amazing Dinoworld, which features high-budget digital renderings of extinct species.

All CuriosityStream subscriptions allow access to all of the available titles. The only difference between subscriptions is their streaming quality. If your television is capable of 4K streaming, the 4K subscription will give you with a spectacular viewing experience of Amazing Dinoworld, Deep Ocean: Lights in the Deep, and Miniverse.

Is CuriosityStream priceless?

Fans of historical and scientific documentaries and television programs will adore what CuriosityStream has to offer. Over 3,000 films are available, and $3 per month is a reasonable price for what's available. You will not find the same stuff as on Hulu and Disney+. However, if you're looking for a wide variety of documentaries and docuseries, this one is well worth your time.


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