How To Use Busuu Premium In November 2022 [Cookies 100% Working]

Recently, foreign languages ​​have become interesting things to learn, moreover English seems to have become a foreign language that must be learned by Indonesian citizens. Sometimes learning at schools or foreign language courses is lacking.

Now with a smartphone in hand, users can easily learn foreign languages ​​in a more fun and independent way. For this reason, now the Closer Look Apps team will discuss two fun applications to learn foreign languages ​​independently.

Busuu is one of the most popular foreign language learning apps in the world. Basically Busuu is present on the website as a forum for learning foreign languages ​​on the internet. However, the application is also available on Android and iOS with 11 foreign languages ​​that can be learned. However, of course, the instructions used to learn foreign languages ​​in Busuu are English.


The appearance of Busuu is simple and flat. Like Duolingo, Busuu also has a display and navigation that is quite easy to understand. In the initial menu of the Busuu application, users can immediately choose what foreign language they want to learn and the level at the same time.

Learning Module

There are many modules that Busuu offers in its application. In each module, users will find a variety of themes and exercises that can be directly downloaded and accessed. The exercises presented in this learning module in Busuu are essential. Its scope is, vocabulary enrichment, reading and listening to dialogues in foreign languages, to writing texts and uploading them to the Busuu community to be corrected by native speakers who also use this application.

Price For Subscription

The Busuu pricing ranges from $5.41 to $13.99 each month, depending on the length of your subscription and the options you want to use. In general, the price of Busuu is comparable to that of other language applications such as Babbel and Drops. Many language applications have prices in this range, however not all of them have as many functions as Busuu.

Busuu provides free language courses for the first few weeks. This can help you decide if it's a good fit for you. If you like it, you may upgrade to a Premium or Premium Plus subscription. Each of these subscriptions provides full access to the language classes, but Premium Plus adds a few extras. Subscriptions are available monthly, every six months, or annually. Busuu presently does not provide a lifetime subscription.

A Busuu Premium subscription starts at $9.99 a month, however the price drops if you sign up for a longer term. A one-year subscription to Busuu Premium costs $69.96 ($5.83 per month), and a two-year subscription costs $129.84 ($5.41 per month).

A month's subscription to Busuu Premium Plus costs $13.99, a year's subscription costs $79.92 (or $6.66 per month), and a two-year subscription costs $137.76 (or $5.74 per month). You can sign up for Busuu Premium Plus to see if the extra features are worth it, and if you don't think the additions are worth it, Busuu has a 14-day refund period.


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