How To Use Philo TV Premium In November 2022 [Cookies 100% Working]

Philo is a live TV streaming service with a lot to offer users, named after the inventor of the television, Philo Farnsworth. Philo (pronounced fi-lo) offers a variety of live TV channels with a wide range of programs, including entertainment, comedy, and lifestyle shows, as well as reality TV and cartoons. In our Best Live TV Streaming Services of 2022, it ranks fifth.

While Philo is near the bottom of our list of the top live TV streaming services, it does have certain perks. The key one is its cost: at $20 per month for its single bundle, it's less than a third of the cost of services like YouTube TV and Hulu Live TV, which came in higher in our rankings.

With an on-demand library and 67 channels ranging from Discovery Channel and Food Network to Comedy Central and TLC, Philo customers are unlikely to be utterly deprived of viewing options.

Philo's limited range has been criticized by some expert critics, specifically its lack of news alternatives and complete lack of sports and local material. However, most people believe that it's still an excellent deal, especially because it supports up to three streams at once.

Despite the inexpensive price, professional reviews generally agree that Philo is technically sound. It has HD quality (720p for live TV and 1080p for on-demand alternatives) and an unlimited DVR, which is greatly praised. Another bonus is its "look back" feature, which allows viewers to see anything that aired in the previous 72 hours (even if they did not DVR it).

Philo's UI on many platforms, which is very simplified and works on most devices with the exception of select game consoles, has received positive feedback from reviewers. It's a good choice for cord-cutters looking for uncomplicated and affordable live TV, especially if they want to watch Philo's lifestyle and entertainment shows.

Users with other interests, particularly those interested in news or sports, may want to choose an option with a larger selection.

What Are Philo's Other Plans?

There are only two add-ons to Philo's $20 base package: Starz and Epix. Both Epix and Starz charge an extra monthly fee ($6 for Epix and $9 for Starz) for access to big-name movies and original TV programs. Starz and Epix each have three ad-free channels with a mix of new and vintage programming.

Although viewers can avoid some (but not all) adverts on DVR-recorded programs, Philo's main channels all have advertising, and there is no alternative for an ad-free service. Philo has no available plans.

Is there a free trial for Philo?

Philo offers a seven-day free trial period with no restrictions. The Epix and Starz add-ons both have seven-day trial periods with no restrictions.

What Channels Does Philo Allow You To Watch?

  • AXS TV
  • BBC America
  • Food Network
  • Lifetime
  • Motor Trend

MTVPhilo's single bundle includes 67 channels, making it a true all-or-nothing proposition; the Epix and Starz add-ons are the only ways to tailor Philo's service. AMC, CLEO TV, Cooking Channel, Hallmark Channel, Nickelodeon, and Vice are among the channels that offer entertainment, reality TV, lifestyle, and documentary programs (formerly Viceland).


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