How to Search for International Journals on Google Scholar

The author has shared in the previous article about how to create a scientific journal, so now the author will discuss how to search for international journals on Google Scholar or other websites.

For those who compose a final project, scientific paper, or other research, valid and reliable references are needed to strengthen the argument in the research.

References can come from theses, books, dissertations, journals, etc.

Journals are often used to find references because of their concise flow and more diverse and up-to-date topics.

But unfortunately, sometimes there are some topics that have not been covered by national journals.

If the topic you need cannot be found in national journals, international journals can be the solution.

Then what sites can we use to search for international journals?

Here are 8 recommendations for international journal sites that you can use as a reference source.

How to Find Free International Journals

Nowadays, finding journals is not as difficult as it used to be. With the advancement of internet technology, there are now many online journals scattered in cyberspace.

Starting from national journals to international journals. This international journal is a very powerful reference in conducting scientific research or thesis.

But there are still many people who are confused about how to find international journals. Here is the web to find international journals.

1. How to Search for International Journals on Google Scholar

Before proceeding to how to search for international journals on Google Scholar, there are features in Google Scholar that you need, such as the following:

  • Providing literature from various fields of science
  • making it easier for users to get references
  • Provide full text documents or articles
  • Allows to follow the latest developments or research issues
  • Can be used to check cited works View full-text documents or articles

as the author explains Features on Google Scholar you can search for international journals through this platform.

Here's how to find international journals through Google Scholar:Google

1. Go to the Scholar website at

2. On the home screen a search screen will appear as in Google search

3. Type the keyword you want to search for . For example, you want to search for the journal "Covid-19 Treatment in Children". Then type this word as a keyword in the previous search

4. After that, Google Scholar will display several documents related to the topic.

5. Open the search results and make sure the reference you will use is in accordance with the requirements of the international journal mentioned above, so that the reference can be said to be reliable in providing information

6. Directly click on the search result or right-click the PDF file, then select “Download”.

On the left side of the same page, you can narrow the search to what you want to find.

From the moment the journal is published, the search results are also sorted.

How to Find Recent Journals on Google Scholar

Actually there are many things you can do to get the latest and relevant articles.

  • If you want to search for more recent articles, select the option on the left of the Since Years screen.
  • To view and sort the new sheet by relevance, click Sort by Date.
  • Click the envelope icon to get regular new results to email.


ScienceDirect provides articles and books in addition to international journals. This includes both paid and free.

Just look for it in the Open Access section. Just enter the keywords you're looking for, and the journal title and summary will appear in the column.


3. Research Gate

This site is a gathering place for an online community of researchers.

Researchers can download journals or order journals for free or for free.

To register using the institution or campus email. You can go to each campus to ask for a student's personal email


4. Cambridge Core

This Cambridge Journal provides the latest features to make it easier for users to sort out the type of journal they will create using.

Cambridge also provides books that you can read anytime for free.

Including international journals, Cambridge Core is open to be accessed by all.


5. How to Find International Journals on the Doaj Website

DOAJ has many free international journal sites! Here are the steps you can take:

  1. Open the DOAJ website, namely https://doaj.orgField
  2. Type your keyword in the search (if the results that appear only want “journal” you can deselect “article”)
  3. click the search button on the side and wait for the Search results
  4. Please click one by one to view the details of the existing journals. After
  5. selecting a journal, you can see a list of several journals with their respective titles. You can choose to view “Summary” and “Full Text”.

Link Website DOAJ:

6. Oxford Journal

There is no charge for accessing sites affiliated with the Oxford University campus.

The international journal itself is very complete, both from the branches of physics, biology and many others.



In fact, there are several sites that you can use to find and submit international journals for free.

You can ask other sites from lecturers or other people who know international journal sites.

The following is a list of recommendations on how to find the most complete and trusted international journals that you can access.

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