Don't just choose a hair serum

Hair serum has many functions, including helping to protect hair from the effects of sun damage and hair products, loosening hair so it doesn't tangle easily, and making hair shinier. However , you have to be smart in choosing a hair serum so that you can get the maximum benefits.

In the medical definition, serum is a liquid that has a high content of certain substances, especially protein. In the world of beauty, hair serum is known as one of a series of hair care products in the form of a concentrated liquid containing a variety of nutrients to maintain healthy hair . Some men's hair oils sometimes also come with a serum.

Most hair serum products are water based, so they get absorbed quickly into the scalp and hair roots. When choosing a hair serum, you need to consider what ingredients are in it.

List of Nutrients in Choosing the Right Hair Serum

Hair serum with the following nutritional content can be the right choice to maintain healthy hair and help overcome hair problems.

  • Biotin
    To help overcome the problem of hair loss , you can choose a serum with biotin content. Biotin, also known as vitamin H or vitamin B7, is a type of water-soluble B-complex vitamin that is good for hair health. Biotin is a popular nutrient for hair loss treatment.
  • Vitamin D
    Serum with vitamin D content is also good for helping to overcome the problem of hair loss. Vitamin D in hair serum serves to stimulate hair growth and hair follicle activity. A number of studies have stated that serum containing vitamin D can reduce the severity of alopecia (hair baldness).
  • Zinc
    Hair serum with zinc content can also be the right choice to maintain healthy hair, especially to overcome the problem of hair loss and regulate hair growth. Zinc is one of the nutrients that can maintain the formation of oil in the hair and maintain healthy hair follicles. Zinc deficiency is a known cause of hair thinning and loss.
  • Hair
    protein Inadequate protein intake can be the cause of brittle hair, dullness, and even baldness. So, you need a hair serum containing protein, amino acids, and panthenol which are believed to be effective for making hair softer, smoother, and shinier.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
    Hair serum containing omega-3 fatty acids can stimulate hair follicles and oil glands which are useful for improving scalp health.
  • Folic acid
    Although not guaranteed to make hair thicker, but hair serum with folic acid content is considered to help follicles produce new hair in areas experiencing baldness.
  • Essential oil
    One of the mixed ingredients in hair serum is usually a mineral oil or essential oil. The essential oils used are not arbitrary, but essential oils with natural ingredients that can nourish the hair. Some of them such as:
    • Coconut oil is useful for softening hair and making hair shinier.
    • Almond oil is useful for moisturizing the scalp.
    • Sandalwood oil to moisturize hair and scalp.
    • Chamomile oil adds shine and softness to hair.
    • Clary sage oil to promote hair growth and stimulate the scalp.
    • Geranium oil to strengthen hair.
    • Jojoba oil is useful for moisturizing hair, adding nutrition, and stimulating the scalp.
    • Lavender oil is not only useful for making hair shiny but also helps control dandruff.
    • Lemongrass oil can help reduce dandruff in the hair.

Tips for Choosing an Effective Hair Serum for Your Hair

Compared to hair vitamins or other hair care products, hair serums may be sold at a higher price, this is because the nutritional content in hair serums is more, and the content of the mixture is less than other hair care products.

However, price is not the only consideration, you also need to carefully choose hair serum products that are proven to work effectively to nourish hair and help overcome some hair problems such as dry hair , split ends , damaged hair, and hair loss.

How to use hair serum varies depending on each product, but is usually used by applying it to the hair or scalp. Here's a guide in choosing the right hair serum:

  • Select roduk that epat
    There is a serum for almost every type of hair, each of which provides an extra level of care for the needs of the hair with a certain type. Before choosing a hair serum, pay attention to the product. Check the serum content on the label to find the right product for your hair.
    For example, if you are focused on dealing with hair loss or baldness, a hair serum containing a special formula for hair growth could be your choice. For normal hair types and scalps that are not sensitive, you can choose hair serums with more varied ingredients such as zinc, antioxidants, and protein.
  • Use akaran with epat
    use of hair care products carefully and precisely can give better results and avoid irritation and other problems. Make sure you follow all directions for use on the packaging label, including the dosage.
    Generally, what is stated on the packaging label, the dosage for short hair and for long hair is different, for example, for short hair it is only 2-3 drops, while for long hair it takes more than three drops.
  • Apply with epat
    Apply serum on the hair after shampooing the morning, and at night after shampooing before bed. Apply the product slowly and evenly, while massaging the scalp. Leave the hair for 15 minutes, then comb the hair gently with a wide-toothed comb. After that, you can style your hair as you wish.
    In order for the nutrients in the hair serum to work properly and optimally, avoid exposure to sunlight after using the hair serum. Be careful when applying hair serum, don't let the product get in your eyes because it can cause irritation.
    But keep in mind, it's good to avoid hair care products if your scalp is experiencing irritation. If after using the hair serum and scalp becomes itchy or irritated, stop using the hair serum immediately, and consult a doctor .

Seeing the benefits, hair serum can be a wise choice in treating hair for the short and long term. So, don't be lazy to use it, for the sake of getting beautiful healthy hair.

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