5 Ways to Treat Swollen Gums Naturally at Home

Not only painful, swollen gums can also make it difficult for sufferers to eat. To overcome this, there are several ways to treat swollen gums naturally that you can try, using ingredients that are easily found at home.

Swollen gums are one of the most common oral health problems. This condition can be caused by various things, such as brushing your teeth too hard, plaque buildup, vitamin B and vitamin C deficiency, or bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.

Although it looks mild, complaints of swollen gums should not be allowed to persist for a long time. Initial treatment steps are needed to relieve swelling and accompanying symptoms.

Some Ways to Treat Swollen Gums at Home

Swollen gums that are mild can be treated using some natural ingredients that are easily found at home. The following are some ways to treat swollen gums that you can try:

1. Gargle with salt water

Gargling with salt water is one of the easiest ways to treat swollen gums. You can make a saline solution by mixing half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water.

Next, you can rinse your mouth with the solution for 30 seconds, 3 times a day. However, do not rinse your mouth with salt solution too often because it can cause teeth to be easily eroded.

2. Gargle with vegetable oil ( oil pulling)

Gargling with vegetable oils , such as coconut oil, is also known to relieve swelling of the gums because it contains lauric acid which is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. This method is known as oil pulling .

The method is the same as gargling with salt water. Take 1-2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, then gargle for a few seconds. However, you need to be careful not to ingest the coconut oil. When you're done gargling, remove the oil and clean your mouth with water or brush your teeth.

For those of you who have never done it, you will feel uncomfortable due to the oily sensation in your mouth.

3. Compress using a tea bag

You can also use tea bags to treat swollen gums. The trick, brew a tea bag in a cup of hot water, then remove it and let it sit for a while. After that, apply it directly to the swollen gums and wait for at least 5 minutes.

Some types of tea that you can use to treat swollen gums are black tea , green tea , and herbal teas such as chamomile . This type of tea is anti-inflammatory so it is known to reduce swelling.

4. Gargle with boiled water guava leaves

Several studies have shown that guava leaves have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that are good for treating swollen gums. You can mash 5-6 young guava leaves, then put them in hot water and cook on low heat for 15 minutes.

Once cool, add a little salt to the guava boiled water and use the cooking water to gargle for 30 seconds. Repeat this process 2-3 times a day.

5. Apply turmeric powder

Turmeric is one of the ingredients that can be used to treat swollen gums. This is because turmeric contains compounds that are anti-inflammatory, so it can be an alternative to overcome swelling of the gums.

To get the benefits of turmeric, you can use turmeric powder mixed with a little warm water, then stir until it turns into a thick dough.

Apply the thickened turmeric on the gums and let stand for 10 minutes, then rinse with water. Repeat this method 2 times a day until the pain in the gums subsides.

Some other spices that can also be used to treat swollen gums are cloves. Cloves contain natural pain relievers and are also antibacterial.

You can use it by sticking a cotton swab that has been moistened with clove oil or by placing a dry clove between the sore gum and the inside of the cheek.

Some of the ways to treat swollen gums above you can do at home if the complaints you experience are still mild.

However, if the complaint of swollen teeth does not improve immediately and is accompanied by several symptoms, such as bleeding or festering gums, bad breath, and loose teeth, immediately consult a doctor to get the right treatment.

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