4 Easy Ways to Publish Scopus International Journals for Free

Many academics have difficulty finding Scopus indexed journals. One of the problems is the access fee applied by a number of publishers. In fact, you can also get it for free. How to? Check out the easy ways to publish Scopus international journals for free below.

The Easy Way to Publish Scopus International Journals

The following is the easiest way so that you can publish a scientific journal that has been created.

1. Get to know more about Scopus

Before getting into how to publish a Scopus journal, you should know more about Scopus itself. Really, what is a Scopus indexed international journal? How is the process of submitting articles to international journals? Here's the answer.

Scopus is a referral portal that presents various research results of high reputation from academics around the world. Every research journal that is included in the Scopus list has gone through a rigorous curation stage. Starting from the search for originality, research time, to the quality of writing.

2. Consider a Free Scopus Journal Publisher

If you're wondering is Scopus free? There are two answers. Some are free, but some are paid. If you've been focusing on paid publishers all this time, now consider the free Scopus publisher which is easy to penetrate and no less quality. Some of them are:

  • The International Review Research in Open and Distributed Learning (IRRODI)

A journal published by the University of Athabasca that specifically examines social life, especially education.

  • International Journal of Management Science and Engineering Management

A journal published by YTaylor and Francis Online which publishes a lot of research on business management, accounting, to information systems.

3. Find the Right Scopus Journal Reference

In addition to considering costs, what is actually no less important is the accuracy of the journal you are referring to. The question now is, how to search for journals on Scopus? Because there are so many publications of Scopus journals, it is very difficult to find a national level one.

The key is to always be thorough and focus on the most relevant research. To make your search easier, try entering more detailed keywords, such as the title of the publication, the name of the publisher, or even the ISSN code.

4. Start Publishing Your Research Journal

To produce the best journals indexed by Scopus, do the following tips:

  • Follow all the instructions and conditions for writing a journal according to your intended publisher
  • Try to correspond with academics from other universities, it would be better if they come from different countries, and do research collaboration
  • Do research correctly and on target
  • Write a research journal in 5000-7000 words, translate correctly, be reference dense, and avoid plagiarism
  • Continue to build achievements and a good track record for yourself and your career

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